Four Cornerstones that Constitute a Contract Breach

It can be beyond frustration for an individual or individuals to put hours of work into a construction project, only to not be paid. Whether this was from a breach in a business contract or not, it is good to understand several aspects of a business contract as well as a few laws, at least through the lens of construction laws. Knowledge is certainly power.

A Business Contract Has Been Breached

Every state has varying degrees on what constitutes a breach of contract. However, there are always some tenants that most, if not all, follow. In order to move on a breached business contract, one must produce four cornerstones of the claim, simplified like this: contract, performance, breach and damages. This is a general breach of contract, not just specific to construction. It is recommended you employ a business lawyer.

The first cornerstone is the claim. Was there a contract, verbal or written? A written contract with verifiable signatures is far superior to a verbal con Continue reading