3 Grey Areas Where a Construction Lawyer Can Help

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Construction contractors deal with many many issues within their companies, some they can handle and some they can’t handle. The issues they can’t handle are best handled by someone with more experience such as a construction lawyer. Things arise in a hurry in the construction industry, things such as a breach of contract, non payment, and builders risk coverage. For example breach of contracts must be filed within 4 years unless specifically stated, and builders risk coverage typically lasts one year unless otherwise stated. Aside from typical contractor stuff, there are other issues that may seem grey, and not quite black and white. This is when a construction lawyer is most useful, events like the following ones.


Lots of times companies have verbal agreements between two parties, and the work begins. Written contracts typically drag out. Many times lots of work has begun and been completed before contracts roll out. This is one reason that a construction lawyer can come in handy and this perfectly answers all those wondering “why does my business need an attorney?”

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Many times once the contract does come out, someone doesn’t quite agree. This may be because they are not agreeing on the terms of the contract for a variety of reasons. No negotiation, time frame issues or many other issues could mae you glad you have a law firm to handle your businesses issues. In certain cases a verbal agreement may be enough to hold up in court, while other times a construction lawyer can help iron out details to encourage both parties to sign.

Unacceptable Terms

Another issue that can quickly arise is a contractor who does not agree with the contract but has started the work. Many times this can deem the contractor as responsible, despite his refusal to sign the contract. Without a construction lawyer this grey area could turn into a major mess.

Having an experienced attorney means you don’t have to worry unnecessarily about things. It can make many processes go smoothly and most importantly it can help remove grey areas where it is hard to determine who is right and how is wrong. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, and having an experienced construction attorney can ensure these matters are handled.

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