Call a Bail Bond Company When You Don’t Need to Stay in Jail

Most bail and jail situations can be resolved quickly. The majority of defendants who make it past all the bail arguments are allowed to have someone post bail for their release. They can then go home to their families and return to their jobs while they await their court dates. You can help someone grab available bail bonds if you’re an interested party. The right bail bond company can have your friend or loved one released from jail in fewer than 24 hours. First, you should write down all the information about the defendant’s situation. You need to find out how much the bail is and what the charge is. Traffic violation bail bonds will be much easier to secure than bail bonds for serious accusations such as murder. However, you should never assume that a bail bond company can’t help. The provider might be able to assist you in a situation that seems impossible. Your first step is to research providers in the area so that you can find one that offers the best bail bond interest rate. Then you need to complete an application and offer your down payment. You may have to give the provider a down payment that equals 10 percent of the total bail amount.

The amount of money given as insurance to court to free the defendant till the conclusion of the case is primarily known as bail. In case, when the defender is unable to post a bail bond that acts as a surety, they can hire a bail man who can post the bail bond, though bail bonding requires a bail man. However, the bail bonds process, as when the defendant is unable to post the bail bond, he hires a bail man who posts the bail bond. In this bail bond process, the bail man requires at least ten percent of the bail amount and the remaining bail amount will be secured as collateral by the bail man.

The bail bond process takes the defendant out of the jail, but how to find out who bailed someone out of jail? Another question can be raised as to how to find out if someone has bail? For this you can directly contact the county jail or another option would be the posted bail. Although liens can also be used to know who bailed, as it is a public record and can be used to recognize who posted bail on behalf of the defendant.

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Why do you need bail

The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Basically, and dependent on the specific circumstances, this means that an individual, when arrested, has a right to legal bond.

According to statistical data, it appears that 52% of men in the United States will be arrested at least once. A 2011 issue of Pediatrics showed the results of another study, which indicated that by the time an individual is 23 years old, they have a one-in-three chance of being arrested.

Since 2000, America’s jails have been operating at a 91% capacity. Furthermore, when considering that almost 12 million people were processed between June 2010 and June 2011 alone, this stressed the capacity of U.S. jails even further. More recently, in 2014, almost seven million people were under correctional supervision in U.S. jails.

When the need arises for a bail bond company, there are approximately 14,000 bail bondsmen in the U.S. A full-service bail bond company might have the following available services:

Why might you need bail?

One reason is because you haven’t been convicted of a crime, but are being held until the charges are resolved. Every day, approximately 60% of the people in U.S. jails are in this position.

Another reason is because you may be helping a friend or family member. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that between 1990-to-2006, the number of people that were in need of bail increased by 30%. Many of these people were likely unable to post their own bail.

How does the bail bond process work?

Basically, when a bail bond company posts a bond on your behalf, they charge a non-refundable fee. This fee tends to be 10% of the entire bail amount. When you use the services of a bail bondsman, you will be released from jail for considerably less than if you posted bail yourself, or if someone else posted bail for you. While you may not like the idea of a non-refundable fee, consider the alternative.

How Felony and Misdemeanor Bonds are an Essential Part of the Judicial System

Bail bondsman

If you’re like most people, you believe that the people who go to jail deserve to be there. In fact, the greater majority of prisoners in American jails at any given time are simply waiting for their cases to go to trial, and for a verdict to pronounce them innocent or guilty. That’s right. More than half of the prisoners in the nation’s jails have not been convicted of any crime. This is just one reason out of many why bail and bail bonds of any kind – from felony criminal bonds to misdemeanor bonds – play an important role in the judicial system. They allow citizens to retain their freedom while their cases are heard in courts of law.

Why is bail so important?
The right to bail is actually specified in the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. That’s because someone who has not been convicted of a crime should not be arbitrarily deprived of their freedom. That’s where bail bonds come in. Most people don’t realize why they play such an important part in the judicial process. A bail bondsman stands guarantee that person under trial will continue to appear in court to answer the charges against him.
By posting bail on behalf of the individual, the bail bond agency secures his or her freedom, giving them the chance to resume their normal life while their case is decided. As many as 60% of the prisoners in U.S. jails on any given day are simply awaiting the completion of their trial. They don’t actually deserve to be in jail unless the judge determines that they pose a risk to the community or a flight risk. For those who have been granted bail by a judge, felony or misdemeanor bonds can restore their freedom.

Bail restores the individual’s freedom
Since the judicial system is overburdened, it can take months and even a full year for a case to reach its conclusion and for guilt or innocence to be decided. Without bond, such as felony or misdemeanor bonds, the person facing trial would have to spend all that time in prison. Not only does that disrupt both work and family life, the overcrowded prison system is both unhealthy and dangerous.
Planning a defense for an individual is much more easily done from home than from jail. Prison cuts off individuals from their support networks, and isolates them in a place where any kind of communication with the outside world is difficult and expensive. Felony and even misdemeanor bonds posted by a bail bond company can help the person return home and face their trial with the support of family and friends.

Who might need a bail bond?
The truth is that anyone might find themselves in need of bail, for anything from a DUI charge to a major criminal charge. Researchers have found that more than half, or 52% of all American men can expect to be arrested at least once in their lives. And a study published in the Pediatrics journal in 2011 revealed that one in three people can expect to be arrested at least once before the age of 23.

Felony and misdemeanor bonds can restore the individual’s freedom and give them the chance to create a proper defense in court.