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Can a no-fault divorce be contested? Divorce attorneys can challenge a no-fault divorce if one party disagrees. Some things that may lead to contesting this divorce include not agreeing on the distribution of property and assets, spousal support, custody over children, payment of attorney’s fees, and enforcement or modification of an agreement made before entering into marriage.

You may need a lawyer for many different divorce cases, but uncontested is most common. In this case, the two parties involved in the divorce agree on all matters and do not want to fight over property or money. People may have several questions about divorce.

It is crucial to consult divorce attorneys to get the correct answers. The legal professional will help you understand how to go about the divorce process. Some people may even consider getting a divorce before 30 days of marriage.

When contemplating divorce, you need to ask your divorce lawyer several questions you may have regarding the process. For instance, you may ask professional questions like, can both husband and wife file for divorce, among others, to help you know your options. Asking these questions ensures you are ready for the divorce process by obtaining the relevant knowledge.

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According to a credible, yet unspecified, source there are more than 6,600 divorces each day in the United States! Some people might find that statistic shocking, most of us probably do not, because we have all heard about how 50% of all American marriages end in divorce. Actually, that is a bit misleading, because only about 45% of married couples in the United States end up divorcing, while over two-thirds of second marriages end in divorce.

No matter how you slice it the divorce rate in the United States is so high that it might discourage all but the most idealist couples from every getting married. After all, most relationships start out as if a couple were destined for a storybook marriage, but can end up fizzling out after a few short months. Thus, if couples — married or unmarried — end up living with someone intimately for any period of time it becomes more likely that they will end up hating each others’ guts eventually.

Although there is nothing certain about marriage, the one sure thing about divorce is that each person must hire the best divorce attorney’s possible. If not, they could end up left with nothing if their ex-spouse hires one of the leading divorce and family law firms. Despite the fact that more than 90% of divorces in the United States are uncontested, that does not mean that there will not be any vindictiveness behind the scenes.

If individuals are convinced that divorce is the best option for them, then they should seek divorce advice from the top divorce lawyers. This is because the most experienced divorce lawyers can offer complete divorce advice on the entire divorce process before filing for divorce begins. Most importantly, the best divorce lawyers will give their clients the best chance at obtaining the best settlements for themselves and their children.

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