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Tax payers who owe back taxes may not realize it, but there are tax settlement companies that give IRS back taxes help. Anyone that owes the IRS back taxes has an IRS tax problem that can be taken care of by tax settlement companies. There are strict guidelines that must be followed when dealing with IRS problems. IRS tax settlement companies know all about the guidelines and can provide various solutions for an income tax problem that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Tax resolution companies have licensed tax attorneys on staff who are experts in tax code law.

One thing tax settlement companies knows how to do is to make an Offer in Compromise (OIC). Such an offer allows the tax payer to settle their tax debt for less than what they owe. It IRS is willing to settle for less in most cases, unless the IRS sees that the tax payer is capable of paying their tax debt in full. There is such a thing as a Doubt of Liability filing, which can convince the IRS that you will never be able to pay your tax debt in full. Tax settlement companies know how to fill out the proper paper work and can be your legal representative.

Tax settlement companies can fill out and file an IRS Form 656 for you. There is usually a small fee for this service. This form allows the tax payer to legally make payments or have a deferred payment option, etc. Tax settlement companies will do a through investigation of your current tax liabilities that then offer the best tax resolution plan in your behalf. There is no need to put off tax problems any longer. Tax resolution firms will take cases on a payment plan, charge a flat rate fee, and offer you a 0 percent plan if you cannot afford to pay for their services up front. Find out more about tax settlement companies today by searching this subject online. Tax settlement companies are especially helpful for tax payers that owe the IRS more than $10,000 in back taxes.
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