Tips to Help You Find the Right Family Law Attorney

Choose a family lawyer

There are a lot of reasons people need lawyers every year. If you need to find an attorney, you may not know where to turn. If you are looking for a family law attorney in Kings County Ca, here are some tips to help you do just that.

Decide what you need. There are a lot of reasons to seek out the help of a family law attorney in Kings County Ca. The reasons you need to get legal help will be a big factor in what kind of lawyer you need. Just like doctors specialize, so do lawyers. If you need a lawyer who handles elder abuse, that is something very different than going to a lawyer who handles custody cases. Your first task is to decide what you need and what kind of lawyer will be the best to help you with your case.

1. Talk to the people you know. We live in a litigious society. If you ask around for a family law attorney in Kings County Ca, you may be surprised to learn that either someone you know has used one or someone who someone you know has used one. It is important to start your search with the people you know and trust. Talk to your friends and your family. Most of the time, if you are dealing with family law issues you need to restrict your search to local attorneys. The lawyer who helped your cousin in Florida will not help if you need a family law attorney in Kings County Ca. Make that clear when you are talking to the people in your life. You may end up using a different lawyer from your friend or family member because all cases are different but this can get your started in the right direction.

2. Talk to professional associations. You can visit the American Bar Association websiteandnbsp;or Both will have resources and information about family law attorney in Kings County Ca. They may have information about any disciplinary actions that were taken against the attorneys you are looking into.

3. Look online. Look to other online sites. Many cities, towns and localities have Facebook groups that have been set up to promote local goods and services. Sites like Yelp have reviews for a host of businesses. You should be careful when you are looking at a lot of comments by anonymous posters. Psychologists say that people are more likely to complain than to compliment so if you see a lot of complaints with no name attached, you should take them all with a grain of salt. Something else may be going on there.

4. Meet with several attorneys. When people think about how to choose an attorney, one important part is the first consultation. All law firms offer a free first time consultation to prospective clients. Take advantage of that. Go in and spend some time with the lawyers. When you are talking about family law issues, they are very personal and you are going to have to trust the person and the firm so you should be comfortable talking to them. If that is not the case, you should go someplace else.

5. Ask the right questions. Here are some of the questions you should ask:

  • What made you go into this kind of law?
  • How long have you been practicing this kind of law?
  • What percentage of your practice is devoted to this?
  • What is your billing structure like? How much should I expect to pay?

6. Talk to at least three law firms. When you are looking for a lawyer, it can be tempting to go with the first law firm you talk to. Resist that urge. You need to go to the best lawyer for your case. This takes some time, effort and energy but you need to know what your options are before you go with one law firm or another. The first lawyer you talk to may end up being the one you hire but you will not know you have the right one unless you talk to a few others first.

Put in the time and you will find the right lawyer for your situation.

Is Your Family in Need of a Good Lawyer?

Finding a good attorney

The seemingly small accident changed everything.
Finding a good lawyer might have made a difference at the time, but now you find yourself still struggling to recover from the stranger than normal event.
The day that your then 18-year old daughter was distracted looking at a map on her phone and ran her car up onto a curb has had some serious consequences. Startled when she realized that she had a front tire up on the sidewalk, your daughter indicates that she looked around and then just went on her way. What she did not realize, however, was that when the car went on to the curb she knocked over an elderly lady who was returning to her home from getting the mail. and while your daughter thought she was lucky that nothing had happened, both the victim and a witness were able to tell a police officer about what really happened.
The unfortunate event resulted in a police officer coming to your home and ticketing your daughter for a hit and run car accident. Obviously distraught, your daughter was a mess. She swears that she was just looking down to her phone to see what turn she had missed and had no idea, obviously, that she hit someone. Your insurance company settled with the victim and gave her $6,000 for her pain and suffering. Now, 15 months later, the same woman has filed a lawsuit against your family saying that she has not recovered from the fall and that she now needs another $60,000.
Without hesitation, you made it a priority to find a good lawyer to see if you can get this matter settled once and for all.
Distracted Driving and Driving Under the Influence Leaves Many People with Difficult Legal Situations
Many drivers who are ticketed for driving under the influence or distracted driving know that the effort it takes to find a good lawyer is worthwhile. Without legal representation, drivers can find themselves facing huge fines, jail times, and, in some cases, personal injury lawsuits. A DUI lawyer can help navigate these challenges. While many people may go into a case thinking that they will be able to defend themselves, the reality is that legal professionals, from personal injury lawyers to divorce lawyers, often have the expertise needed to put your case in the best light.
Did you know, for instance, that even though you submitted to a blood alcohol test you might be able to contest the results? A possible reason to being dedicated to the task to find a good lawyer is so that you do not suffer the consequences of an incorrectly performed blood alcohol test or a questionable search and seizure warrant.
State DUI laws vary, so it is not only important to find a good lawyer, but you need to make sure that the lawyer you find is well versed in the specifics of any new DUI laws and their implications.
In the state of Ohio, for example, DUI offenses can come with some very stiff penalties, including:

  • Jail time ranging from three days to six months.
  • License suspension ranging from six months to three years.
  • Fines ranging from $250 to $1000.
  • License reinstatement fees starting at $450 for first time DUI convictions.

In an attempt to avoid or decrease all of some of these consequences, a person who has been ticketed with a DUI offense might consider an Ohio DUI attorney. A local attorney who is knowledgable about the laws specific to that state may, for instance, have some insight into motions that can be filed or defenses that have worked well in the past.
In a time when driving under the influence and distracted driving are garnering a lot of attention, many local judges may be trying to set a precedent with the cases that come through their courtrooms. For many offenders the only way to understand the severity of the charges that have been made and the resulting penalties may be to seek legal counsel. For many the cost of an attorney may be negated by lesser fines and fees. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is often how you deal with those mistakes that will ultimately determine the severity of the consequences.