Protecting Your Possessions With a Lawyer

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People living their lives from day-to-day with little stress, worry, and physical contracts might never consider the worry of dealing with lawsuits, being in legal trouble, or facing legal issues. When you are stuck into a legal situation without any prior planning, things can become quite troubling and hectic rather quick. If you find yourself in sudden trouble, searching through Toms Rivers lawyers can be difficult, as there are a variety to choose between. The best option to ensure you are presently prepared is to whittle down just what type of lawyer you might need. If you’re searching local law offices for marriages turning south, you’re looking for a divorce lawyer; if you’re in need of a lawyer to help you in drafting a will and settling your belongings in the case of death, you’re in need of an estate lawyer.

Divorce Lawyers:

Marriage is a contract that you enter into with a spouse. While the phrase “till death do us part” is uttered during the Christian marriage liturgy, it tends to not be the case. The probability of a first marriage ending within the first five years is 20%, while the probability after 10 years of marriage increases to 33%. If you happened to get married and are facing such circumstances, it is of utmost importance that you begin seeking out a divorce lawyer.

While divorce might seem like a decision equally made by both parties, it’s usually not the case, with 80% of divorces coming about when one spouse wants the divorce and the other does not. Divorces like this can prove to be messy, long-winded, brutal affairs, in which proceedings last nearly a year and can cost anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000. Having a divorce lawyer on your side of the divorce is important because it means that you have someone working in your favor. Whether you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are fighting over how your collective possessions will be split between you (home, cars, pets, etc.), which spouse will provide economic relief and benefits from the other spouse (this is called alimony), or how child support duties will be balanced, having a divorce lawyer to represent and protect you, as well as mediate between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, is an investment worth making, especially if your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a lawyer on their end.

Estate Planning Lawyer:

When you die, your possessions and valuables are taken and split between a number of parties. If you haven’t thought about this or considered it, it’s understandable, but it might not be in the best interest of yourself or your family. Estate planning, the naming of who shall receive what of yours following your death, is a sound way to ensure that you and your family are prepared for whatever might come in the future. While it takes only ten to fifteen minutes to draft a will, 55% of people surveyed stated that they do not have one. When asked why, 57% of respondents said that they simply “haven’t gotten around” to drafting one.

Where most people might think that wills and estate planning is only meant for seniors (of which 72% of (American only) possess a living will), it is actually recommended for everyone. Estate planning, as stated by Business Insider, is an important task for any American to undertake, noting that three of the most documents an American can have are a will, a living will, and long-lasting power of attorney. While estate planning might seem silly for anyone that is young and healthy, it isn’t. No matter your age, ensuring that you have properly worked through your estate planning with an attorney can ensure that you’re family and living dependents don’t have to spend an egregious amount of time (and money) on probate court. Rather, by being prepared, you can ease the process, with legal documentation, by instructing how your wealth will be distributed following your death.

By being legally prepared and protected, whether in the event of upcoming/unforseen divorce proceedings or sudden death, you can ensure that your possessions are properly taken care of and distributed, if needed, with signed legal documentation.

7 Essential Steps To Take Following A Car Accident

personal injuryThe moments following a car accident can feel like a blur, but they are some of the most critical minutes in your personal injury case. There are approximately six million car accidents in the U.S. every year, and it can be frightening when you are suddenly involved in one. Fortunately, by taking the right steps, you get closer to receiving compensation for damages and injuries. The following are the most important steps that you should take if you are involved in a car accident.

Step 1: Perform a safety check.

Get to safety as soon as possible and check on your passengers and the other driver. If anyone appears unconscious, keep them where they are and wait for emergency vehicles to arrive.

Step 2: Call 911.

Call for emergency help as soon as possible, no matter how much damage there was. Give the operator an accurate description of the accident and account for any injuries.

Step 3: Document the accident.

While you wait for the police to arrive, take photos of the accident scene. Be sure to capture the damage of all vehicles involved from several different angles. If you have any visible injuries, take photos of these if possible.

Step 4: Exchange contact information.

Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved. Also be sure to get the names and phone numbers of all witnesses.

Step 5: Contact your insurance company.

Call your insurance company and inform them of the accident. Be completely honest about the accident and send them a copy of the police report. This will be crucial in any auto accident or personal injury claims.

Step 6: Keep track of post-accident records.

Make copies of any car repair receipts and medical records that resulted from the accident. If you enter a personal injury case, these will be important evidence.

Step 7: Hire an attorney

An automobile accident attorney can guide you through the legal portion of your car accident. By hiring an experienced lawyer, you can ensure that you are taking all of the right steps in winning your case.

As you enter an auto accident case, remember to listen to your attorney’s advice carefully. By taking all the rights steps, you can increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. And following an accident, this can be crucial.

What You Need to Know to Settle a Boundary Dispute

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There is an old saying that “Good fences make for good neighbors.” There is a reason that this saying has stood the test of time, it is true. Boundary disputes are a lot more common than people realize. Part of the reason for is this that the information written on the deed may not be accurate. Because it was not corrected, years and years may go by before the problem is discovered.

  • Issues surrounding boundary disputes are varied. Many times, one person will want to put up a fence or tear down a tree, who owns the land in either case? That may seem like a simple question to answer but if often more challenging. Even when your neighbors seem like they are great friends, the issues that arise when there are problems establishing the accurate boundaries of your property can be difficult to work out. Here are some tips to help you deal with your issues:
  • Stay calm. This advice works as well when it comes to settling boundary disputes as it does with any situation that has the potential to get ugly. If you start out angry, your conversations with your neighbors will not go in any good way. At least start out in a calm mental space.
  • See if you can talk things out with your neighbor. You never know, until you talk to them, if the issue is a simple case of being a misunderstanding. If your neighbor starts to build on your property, if you start off mad, before you talk to them, you can be making a mountain out of a mole hill. Have a friendly chat about your issue and see if you cannot work things out in a friendly manner without getting anyone, such as real estate attorneys, involved.
  • Set up a meeting in a neutral space. Ask if they have some time to talk about the matter and work out something where you can get together someplace that is totally neutral. If there is a local cafe or other public place, that will work better than meeting in either of your homes. You want each of you to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Be in a mindset to compromise. There may be some middle ground that you can find with your neighbor regarding your boundary dispute. Even if you do not walk away with everything you want, this is a good way to avoid the stress and expense of going to court. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  • Bring in a neutral expert. If you find that you simply cannot see eye to eye with your neighbor, it may be time to bring in a surveyor to look over your situation. If you can still be friendly with your neighbor, you should try to work together to find one who can do the job without exhibiting any bias for either of you. If anyone knows how to settle a boundary dispute, it is a qualified surveyor. They have tons of experience in these cases.
  • Think about hiring a lawyer. If you hire a surveyor and they come out and find that you are in the right but your neighbor refuses to budge, you may have to take your real estate dispute to a lawyer. They may recommend property dispute mediation or you may find that you have to take the neighbor to court. Now, even if you are right, if the amount of property in question is very small (say a few inches), you may not want to go to the expense of hiring a real estate law firm. The only reason to sue in cases where there is not much at stake is to keep your neighbor from doing more to take advantage of the situation.

Hiring a lawyer is never anything people want to do when they are dealing with their neighbors. The problem is that once you find that you have a boundary dispute with a neighbor, you may lose your chance to do something about it if you let it go. The good news is that there are ways to deal with the issues and to work out something between you and your neighbors.




Laws, Lawyers, and Everything In Between

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Every single year a large number of Americans will have to enter the court of law because of a legal situation. These people are always best to hire the best legal professional for many different reasons. However, the most important reason for hiring the best legal professional is to ensure that your court case will go well for you.

When people are looking to hire an attorney, there could be a number of different reasons as to why they are doing so. Some of these situations involved a lawyer being hired to defend a client or to pursue legal action against another person or entity. From there, it is easy to understand what kind of legal professional the person needs to hire.

It is important to understand first and foremost that pursuing legal action against a person or entity most likely entails the entity or person has wronged someone. A case like this will involve someone hiring a law firm for a” Title=”Lexington ky car accident lawyer, Lexington ky attorney”>car accident or a wrongful death situation. It is important that the best legal professional is hired to ensure a victory in the courtroom in the case of a wrongful death or possible head injury.

Some of these cases are referred to as civil lawsuits. Right now, the annual cost of civil lawsuits to the United States economy is about $240 billion according to the Association of Trial Lawyers of America in the year of 2015. So there is no question that civil lawsuits are a strong reason why someone will need to hire a good legal professional.

In the year of 2012, there were nearly 333,000 large trucks involved in car crashes throughout traffic in the United States. In that very same year, large trucks were 81% more likely to be involved in multiple-vehicle car crashes with fatalities as opposed to a fatal single-vehicle crash. So when a large truck crashes and kills someone, this is a situation in which someone will pursue legal action with the help of a legal professional.

In the year of 2013, there were almost 10 million people that reported they were driving under the influence of drugs. This is dangerous as it can lead to a car crash and if someone is injured they could pursue legal action. Many experts believe that driving under the influence of drugs is similar to driving under the influence of alcohol in terms of danger.

There are car crashes that happen across the United States every single year and some of them require a person to hire a legal professional. Each year there are over 37,000 fatalities that stem from car accidents and also each year there are 2.35 million people injured or disabled in car accidents as well.

If you ever find yourself wanting to pursue legal action it is essential that you hire the best legal professional that you can find. That way, you will be covered in any situation when you step into the courtroom to settle your situation. Legal representation is imperative if you want to find success in the courtroom.