Been In a Truck Accident? You Need an Attorney Stat and Here’s Why

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Semi truck accidents and accidents in the trucking industry at large can be caused by any number of factors. Whether it’s driving too fast, an overtired driver, or the sheer size of their vehicle versus other vehicles on the road, unfortunately around 98% of all semi-truck accidents yield at least one fatality. Given that a semi-truck weighs an average of 80,000 pounds and a car weighs around 5,000 pounds, this isn’t totally surprising. But what happens if you or your loved one is in a semi truck accident that leaves you or loved one with serious injuries or if the accident causes a death? It’s natural that you would want recompense for the emotional and physical injuries sustained. The best step is to get in touch with a truck wreck attorney and see how he or she can assist you.

What are Some of the Reasons That Trucking Accidents Occur?

Commercial truckers on the road
face a lot of pressure to make deadlines and move cargo. However, lots can happen on the road: bad weather, traffic jams, a flat tire, and more, that can set a trucker behind schedule. When that happens, they’re often pressed to make up for that “lost time,” which can lead to unsafe driving conditions. According to the United States Department of Transportation, almost a quarter of semi-truck accidents were because a driver was driving too fast for the road conditions. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that almost 15% of truck accidents were because of driver fatigue.

In other cases, truck drivers can be at risk for the same sorts of things regular drivers are prone to. Bad weather conditions or distracted or aggressive driving can all lead to accidents. Unfortunately, since trucks tend to be much larger and heavier than the average vehicle, this often means the scale of the accident is much bigger as well.

What are the Steps if I’m In a Truck Accident?

Make sure everyone is safe. If it’s clear that there are serious injuries, call 911 immediately before doing anything else. Follow basic first aid training until emergency personnel are on site. If at all possible, make sure evidence of the accident is collected, such as skid marks, scuffs, and even parts of the vehicles themselves, if they’re totaled.

Likely, you will have to exchange information, such as insurance information and contact information, especially if serious injuries or deaths occur. If you’re hiring a personal injury lawyer or a more specialized truck wreck attorney, you want to make sure they have all the information they need. No one should leave the site unless cleared to do so by the authorities.

If there’s been a wrongful death or severe injuries, it’s in your best interests to employ a truck wreck attorney as your defense. They’ll help level the playing field and make sure that the right paperwork is filed and that your case is as strong as possible.

Why Should I Look Into Hiring a Truck Wreck Attorney?

Truck wreck attorneys have better access and resources to making sure that your case is strong. Preservationists, for example, may be retained to collect evidence from the scene before it vanishes due to traffic or weather conditions. They’ll know the ins and outs of the legal responsibilities and obligations — and know what the other party’s responsibilities are as well, which can help if you’re claiming they’ve shirked those responsibilities.

A truck wreck attorney is also working off prior experience as well and will know what’s in your best interests. In some cases, mediation or arbitration might be the way to go; in other cases, you may want to take it into court. Having someone at your side who is experienced, knowledgeable, and levelheaded throughout the process can make it all much easier.

If you’ve been in a truck accident, don’t delay. Get in touch with an attorney immediately to see what the next steps are that you should take.

I Don’t Need a Lawyer, Do I?


The number one reason people in America don?t use a lawyer when they have a legal issue is that they don?t know they need legal advice. The American Bar Foundation did a study that found two thirds of those surveyed had a civil justice issue. Half of them experienced serious consequences as a result, yet nearly 80% handled it on their own without a lawyer. You might think the main issue was cost; yet only 17% claimed this was their primary reason for not consulting a lawyer. The main reason was simply that they felt they either didn?t need a lawyer or that it wouldn?t matter if they had one.

But most of these issues are much easier to navigate with the help of professional legal advice, and while getting a lawyer does cost money, it can save even more money–not to mention angst and stress–down the line. Every person?s situation is different, of course, but here are five reasons you might just need legal help:

You?re Getting a Divorce

It may seem like everything is going well, and perhaps it will! But divorce is common and commonly messy; and the divorce lawyer might not just affect you and your spouse. About 30% of divorces involve children under 18, and over a million of our kids are involved in a divorce every year. A divorce attorney will be sensitive to this issue and can help you navigate the waters in a way that?s best for everyone.

You Had a Slip and Fall

Or maybe it was some other kind of injury, but if you?ve had a personal injury of some kind, especially if it?s costing you a lot in medical bills, it might be wise to talk to a lawyer. You might not know what the next step is, and if you?ve had a slip and fall, it?s easy to let emotions get in the way of clear thinking. An emotionally detached attorney can help you unravel the legalities quickly and easily.

You Don?t Have a Living Will

Most American seniors, 72%, do but if you don?t have one it?s wise to consider getting a lawyer to help you draw one up. A living will simply communicates your medical preferences should you be incapacitated by disease or accident and unable to communicate. In that case, your family will find it reassuring to make decisions about life support issues with a legal description of your precise wishes.

You?ve Been Accused of Something You Didn?t Do

It happens. Estimates are that about 10,000 people annually are accused of serious crimes wrongfully. Sometimes this happens because of a misunderstanding, poor police work, or false accusations by vindictive people. In this case, you shouldn?t hesitate to get a defense attorney on your side. The other side is invested in proving you guilty; if you know you?re innocent, don?t assume the investigation will prove that. Mitigate your risk by hiring an attorney.

There are other good reasons to consider getting legal help, but whether you?re facing divorce, had a slip and fall, were in a car accident, need a living will, or are facing another civil or criminal issue, don?t wait too long to get help. The faster you get help, the more damage you can likely avoid.

Choosing the Best Law Firm in Your Area to File a Claim for a Work Related Injury

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Being productive and fully able physically and mentally to work and earn your own living is one of the most important necessities of human life. Being fully functional physically and mentally is also conducive to a fulfilling and rewarding living experience and anything which can impede that should be something to avoid at all times. Unfortunately, there are a lot of situations and scenarios where you can find yourself facing some kind of injury or physical damage resulting from an accident or something over which you have no control. Whether it is a work related injury or an auto accident, these are the situations which can really test your willpower and your fortitude in the face of adversity.

Accidents and resultant injuries can limit your life in many ways. The physical pain and debilitating effect of injuries can be a certain cause of trauma and discomfort and can severely limit your functionality and mobility, rendering you unable to lead a normal life. On top of that, you also have to consider the cost of medical treatment and medication if those are needed to mitigate the circumstances. Last but not the least, there is also the prospect of not being able to function properly for a period of time, during which time it is also possible that you cannot work and are in a living. All of these losses can add up really fast, and if you are in this position as a result of circumstances that are the result of the negligence of another party, there can certainly be a way to ease your situation by resorting to legal means.

Personal Injury Lawyers and What They Can Do for You

Personal injury law is the area of the law which deals with situations where people have been affected by an injury due to the result of negligence or oversight. This can include an entire gamut of different things like drunk driving accidents, cases of medical negligence, work related injury, and a number of other things. If you find yourself at the receiving end of any such situation, there is certainly the option to take legal recourse with the help of personal injury lawyers. This area of the law can be adequately used to make a claim for some kind of financial compensation. Since a large part of the burden of an accident and the resultant injury is financial, resorting to this kind of legal means and trying to get financial compensation can definitely bring you a lot of relief.

If you have suffered a work related injury or an auto accident, one of the best things you can do at the very outset is to start looking for the right personal injury law firm in your area. These are the legal establishments that have had years of valuable experience dealing with personal injury cases and can provide you with the kind of legal expertise and skill that can help you unravel the complicated nuances of personal injury law and to create a strategy which you can pursue to claim for financial compensation. Having high-quality legal help available at hand is something that can be the difference between success and failure in these cases.

Choosing the Right Law Firm

If you want to get relief using legal means a lot can hinge on your choice of the right legal help on the matter. Expert legal help can dramatically improve your chances and choosing the right law firm for work related injury or any other kind of personal injury cases can be a very important deciding factor when it comes to the outcome. Checking the credentials of local law firms and the legal talent available there can be a great way to start your journey. You can also take a look at company websites and read testimonials and reviews from previous clients to get a better handle on the quality of legal service that you can expect from each of these establishments.

With the right strategy and the right legal help, you can definitely apply for financial compensation in an effort to make things a little easier for yourself.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?


Lawyers have many different areas of specialization. It stands to reason that if you are in a car accident and you need legal help, a car accident attorney will give you the best legal advice. But what about a nursing home abuse lawyer? Did it ever occur to you that that specialty exists? And what about an estate planning lawyer? Did you ever think you might need to know about estate planning law and the corresponding legal advice?
Let?s look at both these needs. There are many cases of elder abuse but, according to a recent study, only about one in 14 cases is reported. Over 40 percent of residents in nursing homes in the United States have reported abuse. These and further incidents may require a nursing home abuse lawyer. Also, in these United States nursing homes, over 90 percent of residents have reported suffering neglect of themselves or of another resident. This volume might surely call for a nursing home abuse lawyer. You may not have need of this now, or you may or you may know someone who does, so it is good to know that this legal help via this specialty of a nursing home abuse lawyer exists.
Remember that a nursing home abuse lawyer can often be found in a law firm that handles elder law or elder abuse law. These lawyers are highly specialized in advocating for the elderly and their families and loved ones. They address and handle such sensitive issues as health care, long term care planning, guardianship, assisted living, estate planning and other needs, and even scams that are unique to the elderly. A nursing home abuse lawyer is a highly targeted and trained specialty and can be found within an elder abuse law firm.
Now, about estate planning law; why would you need an estate lawyer? Few people realize how much they will need one, but some of the top reasons people choose an estate planning lawyer are to avoid probate, to keep things harmonious among their beneficiaries and to keep their children from mismanaging their inheritance. These are all good, protective, helpful reasons for anyone to be become familiar with estate planning law. Shockingly, up to 70 percent of Americans do not even have a simple will or estate plan. Don?t let that be you.
So, even though may not now need a nursing home abuse lawyer or an estate planning lawyer, if you are in a car accident, be aware that car accident attorneys are in high demand. Fifty two percent of all personal injury cases are from motor vehicle accidents. And, of these accidents, the most common causes are distracted driving, drunk driving and speeding. Watch those cell phone and texting!
And, if you?re fortunate enough not to need any of these above types of attorneys, consider that in 2014, according the Board of Labor Statistics, there were over 203,000 real estate attorneys in practice. No problem there!!