What Is Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer?


Lawyers have many different areas of specialization. It stands to reason that if you are in a car accident and you need legal help, a car accident attorney will give you the best legal advice. But what about a nursing home abuse lawyer? Did it ever occur to you that that specialty exists? And what about an estate planning lawyer? Did you ever think you might need to know about estate planning law and the corresponding legal advice?
Let?s look at both these needs. There are many cases of elder abuse but, according to a recent study, only about one in 14 cases is reported. Over 40 percent of residents in nursing homes in the United States have reported abuse. These and further incidents may require a nursing home abuse lawyer. Also, in these United States nursing homes, over 90 percent of residents have reported suffering neglect of themselves or of another resident. This volume might surely call for a nursing home abuse lawyer. You may not have need of this now, or you may or you may know someone who does, so it is good to know that this legal help via this specialty of a nursing home abuse lawyer exists.
Remember that a nursing home abuse lawyer can often be found in a law firm that handles elder law or elder abuse law. These lawyers are highly specialized in advocating for the elderly and their families and loved ones. They address and handle such sensitive issues as health care, long term care planning, guardianship, assisted living, estate planning and other needs, and even scams that are unique to the elderly. A nursing home abuse lawyer is a highly targeted and trained specialty and can be found within an elder abuse law firm.
Now, about estate planning law; why would you need an estate lawyer? Few people realize how much they will need one, but some of the top reasons people choose an estate planning lawyer are to avoid probate, to keep things harmonious among their beneficiaries and to keep their children from mismanaging their inheritance. These are all good, protective, helpful reasons for anyone to be become familiar with estate planning law. Shockingly, up to 70 percent of Americans do not even have a simple will or estate plan. Don?t let that be you.
So, even though may not now need a nursing home abuse lawyer or an estate planning lawyer, if you are in a car accident, be aware that car accident attorneys are in high demand. Fifty two percent of all personal injury cases are from motor vehicle accidents. And, of these accidents, the most common causes are distracted driving, drunk driving and speeding. Watch those cell phone and texting!
And, if you?re fortunate enough not to need any of these above types of attorneys, consider that in 2014, according the Board of Labor Statistics, there were over 203,000 real estate attorneys in practice. No problem there!!

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