5 Steps to Take After Being Struck by a Big Rig

Many personal injury lawyers help clients who have been involved in automobile accidents. Statistics show that 20% of all federal civil personal injury lawsuits occur due to automobile crashes. That being said, it’s important to note that matters can become even more serious when a semi truck is involved. It’s understandable to wonder what to do after you’ve been hit by a semi truck. With that in mind, here are five important steps to take after being involved in a trucking accident.

  • Consider the Extent of Your Injuries

    The first step to take after being involved in a big rig accident is to determine the extent of your injuries. Your adrenaline is likely to be increased after being involved in an accident. Without taking a moment to assess your injuries, it’s dangerous to immediately begin stepping out of your vehicle. That being said, damage from semi trucks can sometimes make it difficult to leave your automobile.
  • Contact the Police

    In many cases, the police are going to show up at the scene of an accident. Considering that, it makes sense to contact them as early as safely possible. You’ll especially want to contact local authorities in the event that you’re unable to get out of your vehicle safely. Contacting them helps to ensure you’re able to receive the emergency treatment you need. In some cases, the other driver or witnesses might have already contacted the police on your behalf.
  • Take Pictures of the Accident

    If possible, you’ll want to take pictures of your accident. It’s important to take as many pictures as possible. In the past, this might have proven difficult. That being said, the popularity of smartphones has made this a much easier task to achieve. You’ll want to document the damage that has occurred to your vehicle and the big rig. These pictures are beneficial when determining the extent of damage to your vehicle.
  • Be Weary of Signing Documents

    Nearly all big rig drivers on the road are working for a company. With that in mind, a company representative might be quick to arrive at the scene of your accident. Unfortunately, these representatives might have less than honorable intentions and try to get you to sign documents. As every trucking accident lawyer knows, it’s never wise to sign a document without reading and understanding it. Therefore, it’s best to have a semi truck accident lawyer on your side while dealing with this problem.
  • Hire a Trucking Accident Lawyer

    It’s important to remember that no case is a guaranteed win. However, you’ll find that a trucking accident lawyer gives you the best possible chance of receiving a favorable outcome. A lawyer can work to find out what caused the accident. Statistics show that nearly 1.5 million people are arrested each year for drunk driving. In addition, research from the United States Department of Transportation reported that 23% of semi truck accident occurs while a driver is traveling at speeds that are too fast for the current road conditions. If you’ve been hit by a drunk driver or someone otherwise driving recklessly, you’ll want to have legal representation.

In closing, there are a few important steps to take after being involved in a big rig accident. Many accident victims contact a trucking accident lawyer in order to have legal representation. After being hit by a big rig, you’re likely to find yourself involved in a legal dispute with the trucking company in question. It’s likely that this company will have a legal team of some sort. Considering that, you’ll want to ensure you have this same type of representation by hiring a trucking accident attorney.

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