4 Types of Damages Covered by a Lawsuit

Throughout your life, there are many situations which could result in a personal injury taking place. In fact, statistics from the United States Department of Justice found that motor vehicle accidents are responsible for 52% of personal injury cases. Whether you’ve been injured in a car or as the result of another type of accident, you’re likely to suffer damages. Considering that, it’s understandable to want to have the money you’ve spent for an injury recouped by the other party. With that in mind, here are four common types of damages to seek compensation for after a personal injury.

  • Expenses From Missed Time at Work

    Many people contact an accident law firm to obtain help receiving lost work expenses. It’s completely understandable to need to recover expenses resulting from lost time at work. If there is a case, a personal injury lawyer will do everything possible to ensure these expenses are recovered. These expenses are often crucial to help support yourself as well as your family.
  • Medical Expenses

    One of the most common personal injuries happens when someone falls. While they might be common, these accidents can cause massive amounts of damage. In fact, statistics show that falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. If you’ve been injured after falling, it’s wise to contact a slip and fall attorney. Your accident will likely result in needing to spend time visiting emergency rooms, doctors, and even specialists. As you likely know, medical situations often incur costly bills that must be paid. In many cases, a personal accident law firm will be your best possible chance at recouping these medical expenses.
  • Emotional Distress Expenses

    Not all damages that occur after being injured are physical. It’s incredibly common for injuries to cause what is known as emotional distress. This can be any type of pain you’re feeling that isn’t physical. For instance, someone dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic injury can often feel sad, depressed, and fearful. To remedy these problems, many people need to seek mental health treatment. Therefore, this is another common type of compensation that an accident law firm might be able to help you recover.
  • Vehicle and Property Costs

    Statistics show that an estimated 3 million people are injured each year throughout the United States due to car accidents. If you’ve suffered personal injuries after a car accident, it’s likely your automobile is also damaged. Considering that, it’s wise to contact a personal injury law firm to try to have the costs of totaled vehicles taken care of. Certain personal injuries can also result in property damage.

In closing, it’s important that you’re able to do everything possible to receive compensation for damages. These damages often occur as the result of a personal injury. If this has recently happened to you, you’ll want to contact a personal injury attorney. To do this, consider making a consultation appointment as soon as possible. During this consultation, ensure that you bring any documents related to your case. Personal injuries are understandably overwhelming situations to be involved in. Considering that, many people hire a personal injury lawyer for help and guidance during this time.

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