Five Facts That You Should Know Before You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself in need of a reputable and professional lawyer, that is not a decision that you can take lightly. It is a serious choice — one that could have lasting effects on the outcome of your entire case. This is even more true when you are facing criminal charges of any sort. Finding the right criminal defense trial lawyer for your unique situation is a vital first step to having the best chance at a favorable ruling from the judge.

Working with an experienced legal team and law firm can help you understand the basics, including what a general criminal justice attorney is and what they can do to help you with your case. They will also go over key criminal law facts with you as they pertain to your particular case and how they can affect your proceeding.

Attorneys who specialize in this type of legal representation go through special criminal law programs and are skilled and equipped to handle these cases. Do not go at it alone! Find a criminal lawyer and legal team to stand beside you today!

Whether you think that you might need to hire the services of a criminal defense firm, you need to find the best criminal defense lawyers for a loved one, or you are thinking about pursuing a career as a federal criminal defense attorneys, here are a few facts that you should know about criminal law in general first.

Federal criminal defense lawyers

1. One of the major ways in which criminal law differs from civil law is that the emphasis in civil law is more focused on dispute resolution and victim compensation than on punishment.

2. Though the television shows usually focus solely on the prison time aspect of punishment, fines may be imposed, or money and property maybe seized from a person convicted of a crime under criminal law in the United States. The punishment varies widely depending on the crime, the area in which it took place, the criminal defense firm who represents the defendant, and the judge who hears the case.

3. Though it may seem as though it is more the purview of civil law, property often is protected under criminal law. One of the biggest examples of this is the fact that trespassing, which is defined as the unlawful entry onto the real property of another, carries a rather serious punishment.

4. In most jurisdictions in the United States, the entire burden to prove a crime is on the government. This is colloquially referred to as being innocent until proven guilty and is protected by the fifth and 14th amendments.

5. Did you know that organized crime, which is prosecuted by the federal government and not local governments, is estimated to account for an astounding 10 percent of the United States’ national income? Read more here.