Do You Have Questions That You Need to Ask a Divorce Lawyer?

When you are planning to get a divorce, there are ways that you can better work with your spouse to make all of the decisions that need to be made. If the judge will be the decider about each and every thing from your marriage, you will pay your attorney a lot more for their time. Going to divorce mediation is a good first step. What is divorce mediation? It’s a binding process where a mediator helps you to make decisions without an attorney there.

Can a couple file for divorce together? This depends on your jurisdiction. In some areas, yes, a couple can file. In others, only one filing will be accepted. Can a divorce be done without a lawyer? It’s possible in some jurisdictions, but it’s also easy to make mistakes when you try to handle it yourself. You also have to do without any legal advice that can help during the divorce process.

Can a judge force a divorce? If the divorce is contested, yes, in most areas the judge can force the issue after it has been contested. Can a lawyer file your divorce papers? This is one of the main responsibilities of your divorce lawyer.

Get Divorce Advice from an Expert

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You will never forget the day your attorney told you that the divorce forms had been delivered to your soon to be exhusband. Even though you had called him and warned him that they would be on his way, his mother told you that he acted like this was a complete surprise.
The drinking was the biggest problem. Although he had promised you again and again that he would stop, it seemed like this one task was beyond his ability. TIme and time again you would spend all night awake waiting for him to come home, taking the phone calls from the police officers telling you that your husband had been arrested again.
Those divorce forms were finally the turning point. Your husband had to admit that he had caused a problem that could not be fixed. He was forced to sign the divorce papers that would begin the process of ending this marriage.

Getting Divorce Advice from an Attorney May be Able to Help You Work Through a Difficult Situation
Unfortunately, of all of the first marriages that happen in America as many as 41% end in divorce. For every one of these divorces there is a story of sadness and struggle that can be difficult to manage. With the help of a divorce lawyer, however, you might be able to get the guidance that you need. Consider some of these statistics about the divorce in America:

  • 60% is the divorce rate for a second marriage in America.
  • 73% is the divorce rate for a third marriage in America.
  • The average length of divorce proceedings in America is one year.
  • 29 is the mean age of a woman for a first divorce.
  • 30.5 is the mean age of males seeking a divorce for the first time.
  • 8 years is the average length is a first marriage that ends in divorce.
  • Children of divorced parents are twice as likely to drop out of high school and less likely to attend college.
  • People who marry at an older age, who have a higher education, and who earn more money are more likely to be in a marriage that lasts longer.
  • Family divorce lawyers may be able to help couples work through the difficult process of child custody decisions.
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