Don’t Let Securities Fraud Drain Your Bank Account

The world is filled with scams and scammers. While you might first think of Enron or Bernie Madoff when thinking about financial fraud, there are many unsavory companies and individuals out there. Many of them fly under the radar. With the right securities law course and knowledge of stock and exchange, you can reduce risks, however.

Securities litigation is common and many individuals and companies are under investigation by the relevant authorities. Some of these organizations and individuals are innocent, but the government tends to be cautious when approaching banking and securities law. That said, the government can’t protect you from every threat.

Individual investors can reduce risks and mitigate threats by being proactive. Some investors prefer ultra-safe US government investments, like bonds. When bought directly from the government or major reputable financial institutions, they’re typically quite safe.

US government bonds are also low yield. Investing in stocks, company bonds, commodities, and other assets can increase your profit potential but also increases risks. You can lower risks by closely analyzing companies, learning how to read financial sheets, and reading financial news sources, among other things. When in doubt, it’s best to consult trusted financial experts.

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The last area of their anyone wants messed with is their money. You would think that a financial advisor would be a trusted source of information. Sadly, people get ripped off by financial advisors each year in the United States. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all of these advisors are untrustworthy. There are many reliable advisors helping people correctly invest their finances. In this post, you will learn the dangers of bad financial advice and when it’s time to call an attorney.

What Happens When Receiving Bad Financial Advice

You would hate to think that you’re receiving intentionally bad financial advice but it happens. It’s wise to enlist the help of a financial advisor attorney, you will be prepared to handle an upcoming case. Here are several things that happen when you are a victim of financial fraud.

  • Investing Money Based on False Information: You’ve probably heard this practice, otherwise known as securities fraud. This deceptive practice has advisors making decisions with your money based on information that is false. Not only is this practice a form of fraud, it also results in massive losses in funds. Research shows that there were about 1,600 pending cases of securities and commodities fraud in 2014. A securities fraud lawyer is best to have when you are potentially the victim of this crime.

  • Knowingly Funding Garbage Investments: One example of a garbage investment is a pyramid scheme. These schemes happen all over the world. Most pyramid schemes aren’t around for long before they go under. However, these schemes can amass a lot of money from victims in a short amount of time. A pyramid scheme receives its name because of its typical business structure. The top of this type of pyramid is one person trying to get others to make some sort of investment. People recruit new members which adds a new level to the pyramid. This scheme continues to grow as more people invest their money.
  • Theft: You read that right, theft can happen with a bad financial advisor. In many cases, this theft happens right under the nose of a client. An untrustworthy financial advisor has access to your accounts and they take advantage of this. A securities fraud attorney will fight back in cases where you’re money is being stolen by a so called advisor.

Why Enlisting the Help of an Attorney is a Must

It’s best to seek litigation attorneys as soon as possible. These people will help to give you a trial evaluation. In this evaluation, you will find out if you have a legitimate case against your advisor or advising company. Representing yourself means never having the opinion of someone who handles these cases for a living. Trying to win an impossible case on your own means major losses of both time and money.

You will definitely want to have the help of an attorney when dealing with fraud. Litigation attorneys handle your case from beginning to end. It’s likely that your advisor has legal representation of their own, whether personal or through their company. You are likely to be going up against litigation attorneys. You must have the professional legal representation of your own.

Litigation attorneys will work to help ensure you receive the best possible settlement. Going up against a financial advisor on your own is extremely risky. You don’t want to find yourself trying to win a legal battle against experienced professionals. Having a team of litigation attorneys on your side ensures you are equipped to get through upcoming meetings and potential court dates.

In closing, securities fraud is a despicable act that happens all over the United States. This form of fraud is done in several ways. Fraud occurs when your money is knowingly invested in one or a series of bad financial decisions. The help of litigation attorneys is a must when you are the victim of this type of fraud. Having professional representation helps to give you the best chance of winning your case. Of course, there are never any guarantees when it comes to a court case. Self representation, especially by someone untrained, has a high rate of failure.

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