How to Value Your Truck Accident Settlement

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Getting involved in a truck accident can be a very scary situation that leaves you with a pile of medical bills. This video provides helpful tips on valuing your case from experienced truck accident attorneys.

A truck accident is evaluated in the same way as a car accident case. For starters, if you are at fault, the trucker’s insurance company will not pay you a dime. If you aren’t at fault, then there are avenues for recourse.

You have to document your financial damages, pain, and suffering to get an estimate o the value of your case. Hold onto and organize all of the medical bills you receive. Document lost wages from time you’ve needed to take off from work. Keep a personal journal as evidence of your pain and suffering.

If you are injured, you will need to adhere to all of the doctor’s orders and not miss an appointment. If you do miss an appointment, it needs to be for a good reason and rescheduled right away. Your doctor will play an important role in your case as an expert witness who provides testimony to the severity of your injuries.

For more information, check out the video above.

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