Things You Should Not Do While Driving

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Driving offenses are being taken more seriously these day. There are too many accidents that happen because people have either been drinking, taking drugs or are not paying attention to the road for one reason or another. If you have gotten a DUI you’ll be needing a drunk driving defense attorney but if you have been pulled over for being on your phone then you will likely only need to be a fine, although it will be a hefty fine.

Texting While Driving
So many people think that they are still in control when they are driving and texting but medically speaking, this is not true. The brain can not multitask, not even for women. People who say they are good at multitasking are actually quickly switching between various activities but they are only focusing on one at a time. When you are texting, you are not focusing your driving. It may seem like you are but there are split seconds where you are not looking at the road and not paying attention to anything but your phone. A split second is all that is needed to cause a collision. Even if you don’t get into a crash, you could be pulled over for texting while driving which is illegal in many states. You may not need the highest level of legal representation if nothing fatal happens, but that could just be this one time. Let it serve as a warning for what could happen next time.

Drinking While Driving
This is illegal is all states and no one is in denial of that. Some people just still choose to drive drunk. If you cause an accident while you are under the influence, or get pulled over, you will be assessed what’s called a ‘DUI.’ You will have to pay a fine and might have to do some jail time. If you have had a DUI before, the consequences will likely be very severe. You will need a drunk driving defense attorney to help you. If you can get a highly respected lawyer that will work hard for you, you may be able to have your charges lowered. DUI’s are hardly ever completely dismissed even if you have the most amazing DUI defense attorney.

Eating While Driving
While this is not illegal, it can still be dangerous. There are still a lot of things that could go wrong. You could drop your drink and be momentarily distracted as you are trying to stop it from spilling all over you and your car. You could also end up driving with your knees or with nothing because you are holding your food but want to also take a drink really quick. You may think that these are all harmless things but they could be detrimental to someone else. You probably wouldn’t even get pulled over for eating while you’re driving, unless you are swerving all over the road or driving erratically, but eating while driving is just as dangerous as texting.

Anything Else While Driving
The truth is, if you are doing anything else while you are driving, besides holding on to the wheel and watching the road, you are putting yourself, your passengers and other people on the road in danger. While you may not need a drunk driving defense attorney because you were messing with the radio while you were driving, you could end up in an equally dire situation if you cause an accident. It will still be classed as negligent driving and you will be found completely at fault. Not paying attention to your driving could be one of the most selfish acts that a person commits. Just being on the road at all is fairly dangerous because of what can happen when you are paying attention, much less when you are not. If you do end up with a DUI and need a drunk driving defense attorney or you get a ticket for driving erratically while eating or get caught texting, I’m sure that would be a wake up call. But, why wait until that happens? Do what you can now to drive safely and protect yourself, your family and other people’s families every day when you get behind the wheel of your car.

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