What to Avoid When Using a Child Support Lawyer

This video talks about child support lawyer services and some of the mistakes people make when using such an attorney. Often, clients try to get their child support amounts reduced through an attorney, and it doesn’t work. There are at least three mistakes that could cause that to happen.

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The first mistake some people make when trying to get child support modifications is that they do not turn over their financial documents. The judges need to see how much each parent earns to make the best decision according to state guidelines and the child’s best interests.

Another mistake that some child support clients make is quitting their jobs. However, the judge is under no obligation to lower someone’s child support payment amount just because they left a current position. Quitting a job may prompt a judge to keep the child support payments precisely as they are intentional.

Refusing to pay for child support while waiting for a modification is another mistake that usually brings forth adverse outcomes. It is not wise for a person to fail to pay child support while waiting for a case. That could cause the judge to raise the payment amount instead of lowering it.

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