Workers Compensation Explained

In this video, you will learn about a workers compensation lawyer. There are a few basics to know. They are notification, active phase, and permanent phase.

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The active and permanent phases have some major differences and there are a lot of steps that go between each. In a worker’s compensation case, getting in the door is the notification stage. The legal system places high importance on the notification stage. Your report should be heard early on so that there is plenty of time to hear your case. Depending on the state, there are expiration dates that come with workers comp cases. A quick pointer is that if you are hurt on the job, notify your employer immediately. Also, have a way to prove that you were injured. The court of law requires there to be a date as well. A written report is probably the most reliable way to do this. Even phone records, like a phone record, are good too. If you notify your employer, make sure you bring a witness with you. When you go to the doctor after an injury, let the hospital know that you injured yourself on the job. The doctor will take the record that you were properly reinstated into the worker’s comp system.

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