Has Someone You Love Been Hurt in a Car Accident or Workplace Injury?

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You cannot even remember the laundry detergent.
Your car accident lawyer predicted that you would be suffering the consequences of the car accident years later, but you had no idea that the effects would be so lingering and so varied.
Take the laundry detergent, for instance.
You still remember the day when you returned from the 2100 mile car trip you took with your father. The morning after you finally returned home from that simple trip to visit your daughter in college you remembered that you had left the laundry detergent, as well as the fabric softener, sitting on to top of the rental house stacking washer and dryer. You had intended to deliver those laundry items to your daughter, but you forgot. You have often wondered if you would have remembered and you would have traveled back to the house one more time to get the detergent and fabric softener if the car accident could have been avoided.
As it was, however, you left town and started the 12 hour drive back home. After nearly a week away from home you were all ready to get back. Your husband was driving. Your father was sitting up front on the passenger side of the pickup. You were in the back. You were only 50 miles out of town when the accident happened. And while you were lucky that no one was killed, but the lingering effects of the accident caused by a careless driver are still with you.
On mornings like this when you come home from the grocery store without the laundry detergent, the one main thing you went to the store to get. Would these bad memories of that totaled car, your father and husband in the front seat bleeding and unrepsonsive, and the weeks in the hospital as you recovered from several broken bones and internal injuries.
Thank goodness the car accident lawyer helped you anticipate not only the costs, but also the side effects from that accident and those injuries. All three of you had survived, but it had taken years of therapy to get to where you are today. Until order cheapest tramadol online that event you had never really understood the purpose of an auto accident attorney. Now, you cannot imagine where you would be if you had not asked for the advice of the car accident lawyer who your friend recommended.
Personal injury law firms and car accident lawyers were only the things that you saw on television commercials. Now, however, you know the value of finding the best legal advice in a car accident that was caused by the carelessness of another driver.
Getting Good Legal Advice Can Help You Recover from a Devastating Car Accident or Workplace Injury
The world can be a dangerous place. Whether you are getting behind the wheel of a car to go visit your daughter at college or whether you are heading into work, the carelessness of others can lead to accidents that will affect your live for years. Consider some of the current statistics about workplace injuries and automobile accidents:

  • The average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before the first arrest.
  • 333,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes in America during 2012.
  • 4,668 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2013.
  • 8 million hospital emergency room visits were the result of falls.
  • $809 is the estimated annual cost of civil lawsuits to each U.S. citizen.
  • $50,000 is the average amount awarded in a punitive damage lawsuit.

Even when you are doing your best to be a safe driver and even when you are following all of the safety precautions at work, the carelessness or recklessness of someone else’s behavior can cause you harm. A workplace injury or a car accident can limit your future, your income, and your quality of life. To make sure that you are getting the protection that you need and the funds that you may require to survive a work or traffic accident, it may be beneficial to seek legal advice.
From forgetting laundry detergent to waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares, the implications of a car accident or workplace injury can be extensive and expensive.

Auto Accidents and Your Rights

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Driving is a convenience for many. It provides personal transportation to the places we need to go. It is a necessity in many rural and suburb type cities that do not have public transportation. However, driving can also be dangerous. At any given moment, there are hundreds of thousands of drivers on the road. They are operating extremely heavy vehicles. They are responsible for following the rules of the road. Yet, many of these drivers are driving illegally, either distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Taking the eyes off of the road for even a second can result in a life threatening accident, to either the driver or the other drivers on the road.

Distracted driving is a newer problem, as technology has advanced so much over the past few years. Drivers, especially younger generations are so hooked onto their cellular phones, that they may operate it, while also driving. Some may be answering cell phones, reading and sending text messages or Emails, and using GPS to navigate themselves. Most do not believe that anything negative can happen to them, until it does.

When you are injured in a car accident, you may benefit from the services of a car accident attorney. You may need a law firm to represent you if the other driver was at fault, especially if distracted or intoxicated driving was the cause. It may be more difficult to prove distracted driving, but some lawyersandsettlements.com/articles/wrongful-termination/wrongful-termination-law-11-15747.html” Title=”Find more info regarding Lexington attorney”>law firms can request that phone records and driving records be released. If the person is charged with operating a vehicle while operating a technological device, they may be charged and will be responsible for any damaged occurred.

Too many distracted driving cases can limit the license, or have the license entirely suspended. Some distracted drivers may even be required to retake driving classes and may be prohibited from having technological devices in the vehicle while they are driving. However, hiring a law firm that is experienced with distracted driving cases may be needed to win this type of a case.

There are cases when auto accidents turn lethal. If either one of the drivers are severely injured, or worse, a law firm is likely needed for representation of both parties. An attorney can provide the charged or the injured with legal expectations and necessary procedures. If the injured party requires a lifetime of medical care, this needs to be included in the sued amount. This could happen with a brain injury case. It is possible that someone who is injured in a car accident can suffer severe brain injury damages.

An estimated 1.7 million people sustain a TBI (traumatic brain injury) annually. Of them, 52,000 die, 275,000 are hospitalized and 1.365 million, nearly 80% are treated and released from the emergency department. That 1.365 million will require a life time of assistance and care. Motor vehicle traffic injury is the leading cause of TBI related death. Rates are highest for adults aged 20 to 24 years. A specialized brain injury lawyer can be especially helpful in this type of a legal case.

Another example of a time when a law firm is needed is when a business or commercial vehicle is a part of the accident. Employees who are the cause of an accident are protected by different laws and insurance companies than a personal driver. Commercial trucks are common causes of car accidents and are subject to more investigation into distracted and under the influence driving.

In 2012, large trucks were more likely to be involved in a fatal multiple vehicle crash as opposed to a fatal single vehicle crash than were passenger vehicles (81% of fatal crashes involving large trucks are multiple vehicle crashes, compared with 58% for fatal crashes involving passenger vehicles).

Driving is a requirement for many. However, it requires great care and attention. Distracted driving can be very dangerous and it includes driving while operating other technology or driving under the influence of a substance. This type of driving often leads to auto accidents, some of which may be lethal. When someone is killed or severely injured in an auto accident, it is important to work with an experience law firm.

Are You Facing DUI Charges? What You Need To Know Today!

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If you or a family member have received a charge of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) you will definitely be needing a federal defense lawyer.

Laws vary by state to state and can be a tangled web to traverse. Do not try to do this alone.

A DUI lawyer will be well versed in DUI laws in your state and can give you needed assistance during this trying, difficult process.

DUI charges may bring heavy consequences, especially in the state of Ohio. Consider these Ohio state DUI laws:

  • Ohio has an implied consent law. If you have refused to submit to a chemical test you will automatically be subject to a fine and license suspension.
  • A conviction can potentially result in jail time ranging from three days, up to six months.
  • You may be required to pay a fine ranging anywhere between $250 and $1000.
  • A DUI offense can result in your license being suspended from six months up to three years.
  • Even first DUI offenses require a license reinstatement fee of $450 and can result in up to six points on your license.

Here are a few facts that you need to know, if you have been charged with a DUI:

  • For a police officer to pull you over there must be probable cause. Were you swerving? Did you run a red light? Did witnesses report that you were too drunk to drive? Was there real evidence that confirms you were driving suspiciously?
  • Did you submit to a blood alcohol content test? Even so, with the help of DUI attorney you can still challenge the results.
  • In order to be admissible in a court of law, a breathalyzer test, blood tests, and urine tests must be administered in a proper manner, according to legal procedure.

An experienced federal defense lawyer can give you the help that you need to protect your rights and to take appropriate actions in order to limit any consequences you may face.

Finding a good attorney is vital. What should you look for in a federal defense lawyer? You need to get a criminal DUI attorney that will be firmly on your side and that will fight vigorously for your rights.

If you or a loved one are facing a DUI conviction, delay no further in getting someone on your side that will be able to fight for you!

Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Court Reporter

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If you are interested in certified court reporting and would like to know how to accomplish this skill you should first know exactly what certified court reporting entails and all the facts regarding this profession. A court reporter also called a stenographer or stenotype operator is someone who transcribes spoken or recorded speech into written words generally using shorthand. They provide written transcripts of court cases and other official proceedings.

There are three national court reporting associations in America, the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), the NVRA (National Verbatim Reporters Association), and the AAERT (American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers. Although very similar, each individual association has their own criteria for gaining certification in areas such as accuracy, speed, and verbatim, to name a few.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a ?get certified in a few months? type of program, the process to become a court reporter actually takes about 33.33 months to complete. Becoming certified with a court reporting association like the ones listed above is a rigorous ordeal, usually requiring 2-4 years of school before getting certified, below is a quick look into what the educational requirements are for pursuing a career in certified court reporting.

  • High school: You must have a high school diploma or GED to be accepted into any court stenographer program or college courses. You generally cannot start preparing for this field in high school because an available elective relating to court reporting would be extremely rare.

  • Associates: Your next step will be to acquire an Associates degree with the field of study being court reporting or live captioning. Because the process takes around 33 months to complete a lot of community colleges and tech schools will offer an extended program for court reporting. They will train you to use the necessary equipment for the job, as well as educate you in terminology and court procedures. A couple requirements for certification may be the ability to type 225 words per minute and maintain an accuracy of 98%, which will take many hours of practice, to say the least.

  • License: Most states require you to obtain a license, which is understandable considering the need for high accuracy in this position. The qualifications vary from state to state, some require you to simply be a notary, others will need you to pass an exam and in some instances, a certification from an association like the NVRA is acceptable in lieu of the license.

  • Certification: You will need to obtain a certification for one of the associations I mentioned earlier in the article and as with all certifications it will need to be renewed regularly, usually every two years.

Because court reporters transcribe hearing, depositions, and witness statements that help to verify testimony certified court reporters must be very precise in their work, it is imperative that there are no mistakes in the process. Even one small mistake in a document could mean the difference for someone spending a lot of time in jail or have other negative consequences depending on the situation. Even though the job title is a court reporter, over 70% of the nation’s court reporters don’t actually work inside of a courtroom, they also work outside the court for any situation that may require an official legal transcript and many also do freelance stenographer work.

Some certified court reporters will end up joining a court reporting firm, these businesses provide court reporter services to clients who need a stenographer for meetings, depositions, and many other instances. They generally keep several stenographers on staff and the individual jobs themselves are on an as needed basis. Since the firm usually holds contracts with clients who need court reporters regularly they are basically finding the job for you, for a percentage of course.

Because of all the necessary skill requirements and the need for perfection, the process for certified court reporting is very strenuous and not for someone who can’t commit to the dedication and focus needed to acquire this skill. If you’re still interested in this field after knowing how arduous, not to mention tedious, the undertaking of getting your certification can be, then good luck and happy reporting.

Call a Bail Bond Company When You Don’t Need to Stay in Jail

Most bail and jail situations can be resolved quickly. The majority of defendants who make it past all the bail arguments are allowed to have someone post bail for their release. They can then go home to their families and return to their jobs while they await their court dates. You can help someone grab available bail bonds if you’re an interested party. The right bail bond company can have your friend or loved one released from jail in fewer than 24 hours. First, you should write down all the information about the defendant’s situation. You need to find out how much the bail is and what the charge is. Traffic violation bail bonds will be much easier to secure than bail bonds for serious accusations such as murder. However, you should never assume that a bail bond company can’t help. The provider might be able to assist you in a situation that seems impossible. Your first step is to research providers in the area so that you can find one that offers the best bail bond interest rate. Then you need to complete an application and offer your down payment. You may have to give the provider a down payment that equals 10 percent of the total bail amount.

The amount of money given as insurance to court to free the defendant till the conclusion of the case is primarily known as bail. In case, when the defender is unable to post a bail bond that acts as a surety, they can hire a bail man who can post the bail bond, though bail bonding requires a bail man. However, the bail bonds process, as when the defendant is unable to post the bail bond, he hires a bail man who posts the bail bond. In this bail bond process, the bail man requires at least ten percent of the bail amount and the remaining bail amount will be secured as collateral by the bail man.

The bail bond process takes the defendant out of the jail, but how to find out who bailed someone out of jail? Another question can be raised as to how to find out if someone has bail? For this you can directly contact the county jail or another option would be the posted bail. Although liens can also be used to know who bailed, as it is a public record and can be used to recognize who posted bail on behalf of the defendant.

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Why do you need bail

The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Basically, and dependent on the specific circumstances, this means that an individual, when arrested, has a right to legal bond.

According to statistical data, it appears that 52% of men in the United States will be arrested at least once. A 2011 issue of Pediatrics showed the results of another study, which indicated that by the time an individual is 23 years old, they have a one-in-three chance of being arrested.

Since 2000, America’s jails have been operating at a 91% capacity. Furthermore, when considering that almost 12 million people were processed between June 2010 and June 2011 alone, this stressed the capacity of U.S. jails even further. More recently, in 2014, almost seven million people were under correctional supervision in U.S. jails.

When the need arises for a bail bond company, there are approximately 14,000 bail bondsmen in the U.S. A full-service bail bond company might have the following available services:

Why might you need bail?

One reason is because you haven’t been convicted of a crime, but are being held until the charges are resolved. Every day, approximately 60% of the people in U.S. jails are in this position.

Another reason is because you may be helping a friend or family member. The Bureau of Justice Statistics found that between 1990-to-2006, the number of people that were in need of bail increased by 30%. Many of these people were likely unable to post their own bail.

How does the bail bond process work?

Basically, when a bail bond company posts a bond on your behalf, they charge a non-refundable fee. This fee tends to be 10% of the entire bail amount. When you use the services of a bail bondsman, you will be released from jail for considerably less than if you posted bail yourself, or if someone else posted bail for you. While you may not like the idea of a non-refundable fee, consider the alternative.

Living Wills Why We Need To Consider Them

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It can be difficult to seek out legal advice under any circumstances. Legal help is not something that a lot of want to think we’ll need — because most Americans associate needing legal assistance with being in some kind of trouble. In some cases, however, you will need some kind of legal protection or help ensuring that your plans are followed the way you want them to be. In that case, getting the assistance you need may be easier than you’d think — in fact, you can learn a lot simply from checking out a lawyer’s website. According to the American Bar Association, a little over half of solo practice lawyers and four out of five lawyers in offices with two nine lawyers have websites. With 44% of people saying that they would be likely to check out a lawyer’s website, some attorneys even answer questions on their websites. After all, 49% of poll respondents indicated that they would be more likely to check out the websites of attorneys who answer questions posted by consumers. It’s likely that you can have some early questions answered through an attorney’s website, and get more help from that attorney down the road. Now, let’s look into why you’re seeking an attorney. Many Americans find themselves today considering living wills. Living wills are confusing to some and scary to others. But there are many misconceptions about living wills, and the more you know about this kind of legal action, the less frightening and more logical it will be.

What Is A Living Will?

When people think about a living will, the often think about death. So it’s natural that some would be scared of the subject, and reluctant to make a living will or even discuss it. So, what is a living will anyway? A living will is a type of advanced directive for medical decisions. While all living wills are advanced directives, not all advanced directives are living wills. Essentially, a living will covers what will happen if you are unable to make medical decisions for yourself. They will guide the choices and decisions of your doctors and caretakers if you’re terminally ill, in a coma, in the late stages of dementia or otherwise incapacitated. Many different things can be covered in a living will, depending on the medical issue at hand. Essentially, a living will eliminates any question of what you want done should you be medically unable to make decisions for yourself.

What Should I Consider In My Living Will?

For some, it is easy to know what to consider in a living will. This is because they already know about the types of medical issues they are dealing with, and have perhaps discussed them with their doctor. However, anyone is a candidate for a living will, no matter how young and healthy — a medical crisis can happen unexpectedly. With that being said, you may want to consider whether or not you want to be resuscitated — that is, whether or not you want your heart restarted if it stops. You should also consider mechanical ventilation, which will keep you breathing artificially should your lungs be unable to handle it. Tube feeding is another issue, as it provides the body with nutrients intravenously or through a stomach tube. Think about if or how long you would want to be kept alive in this manner. Even issues like comfort care can be covered in living will, as can organ donation.

Why Should I Have A Living Will?

It’s very possible that, should your living will ever be used, you will not be conscious for it. So why have one? A living will reduces stress on your loved ones. Families have been known to fight, for example, about how long to keep a person on a ventilator. The decision to take a person off of some kind of life support is a difficult one. A living will makes that decision for them so that your loved ones don’t have any guilt, and your wishes are respected.