How Much Money is Your Firm Missing Out On?

Newsletter legal

You may have heard of your colleagues throwing around the term “lawyer newsletter,” or “legal newsletter.” Before you simply brush this off as extra unnecessary work to be added to your already hectic schedule, allow me to outline how advantageous it can be to be featurd in one of these publications. By writing in a lawyer newsletter, you are putting your name and your firm in front of countless potential clients, as well as reminding past clients of your abilities and legal know how.

There are many a law firm newsletter that are circulated among the people you will benefit from demonstrating your prowess to. A newsletter lawyer can be in virtually any practice of law imaginable. Whether you are in general practice, business law, elder law, employment law, family law, personal injury, estate planning, or real estate, there is a publication tailored to your niche, and many are often printed in Spanish as well.

To publish work in a lawyer newsletter is to market yourself. Your newsletter law firm may be in house, if not it is always possible to look elsewhere for the publicity you deserve. A newsletter legal driven firm is a firm which will harness many more clients than a law firm without. Any legal marketing seminar will confirm that if you can tap into a lawyer newsletter, you can stay relevant in the legal world, and therefore, stay present in the conversation. A lawyer newsletter will keep your name prominent and generate more clients.

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