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Almost every industry or area of business can benefit from email or mail marketing tactics, but has your law firm considered adding a newsletter in either form to its marketing efforts? A law firm newsletter has twofold benefits. The first is realized when your subscribe to the newsletters of other law firms, and the second is realized when you decide to create and distribute your own. Here is further information to help you decide if investing time in newsletters is a good move for your firm.

  • Subscribe to law firm newsletters.
  • To a lawyer newsletters can be an important source of career development information, marketing news, and effective partner structures. Subscribing can also help your firm to gather inspiration and consider different techniques for implementation into its own formal newsletter. When subscribing to a newsletter law firms should look for industry leaders in order to get the most accurate and reliable information possible. When subscribing to newsletters for inspiration, look to your competitors, and law firms which are similar to yours in terms of size and makeup.

  • Create a legal newsletter.
  • Creating and distributing your own newsletter can be a powerful tool for marketing to existing and potential clients. LexisNexis recommends that you do not focus on your law firm activities, awards, new partners, or promotions, as these have little value to potential and existing clients. Instead, focus on news that does have value to your target audience. This includes information about legal situations that might affect them. When you create a newsletter legal terms should either be omitted, or carefully explained. Always remember your target audience and the inspiration you took from competitors and industry leaders.

A law firm newsletter can be mailed out to current clients, or left in the reception area for potential clients to peruse and hopefully take with them. It can be a powerful tool for development when you subscribe to the newsletters of legal review groups and industry leaders, and it can also serve as valuable inspiration. What you choose to do with the newsletter format is up to you, but it is wise to harness them both for professional development and for marketing purposes.

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