I Got Into A Car Accident Which Attorney Should I Contact?

Auto accident claims

Taking care of a vehicle is a massive responsibility. You have to maintain a consistent insurance carrier, practice safe habits daily and be conscientious of other drivers on the road. Even a minor slip-up can have major consequences and nowhere is that more clear than the field of auto law. The United States boasts a dense population, home to millions of different vehicles, and sees thousands of accidents happening every day. As such, auto accident attorneys are in high demand for a number of cases ranging from personal injury to property damages. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident or is seeking liability charges, an auto accident attorney is your first stop toward reaching a desirable conclusion. Read below to learn more about driving in America, common issues facing drivers and the resources available to you.

Common Car Accidents

While there are many ways to get into a car accident, some are more common than others. This has given rise to a number of ongoing awareness campaigns, be they televised or printed, to better encourage drivers to avoid certain bad habits and warning signs while on the open road. Studies have shown drunk driving costing the U.S. nearly $200 billion every year in damages. Auto accident attorneys work in a variety of different fields, including the after effects of driving under the influence. Although people drive drunk almost 300,000 every day, fewer than 4,000 are actually arrested. The majority of car crash fatalities are caused by drunk driving, speeding and distracted behavior.

Safe Driving Habits

It’s imperative to keep safe driving habits in mind every single time you go behind the wheel, keeping both yourself and others safe all days of the year. Wearing a seatbelt is paramount to avoiding devastating injury when in a car crash, with children and babies requiring specialized seatbelts compared to adults. Texting or eating while driving is a hazard when driving due to distraction being one of the leading causes of car accidents. A study showed over 60% of smartphone owners using their phone at least occasionally while operating turn-by-turn navigation, with another study seeing over 600,000 drivers using their cell phones while operating a vehicle.

Disability Claim

For those seeking a disability claim or personal injury lawsuit, there are resources available to see you getting the help you need. Studies have shown just over one in four of today’s young adults becoming disabled before reaching the age of 67. The Social Security Administration has issued benefits to nearly 65 million people and that number is only expected to increase due to fluctuating expectations and needs of the population at large. A personal injury attorney or disability lawyer can see you getting compensation, with the vast majority of cases being settled outside of the court.

Finding An Attorney

Whether you’ve become injured in a car accident or have developed a disability that needs compensation, finding the right attorney will go a long way in helping you reach a viable solution. Auto accident attorneys specialize in legal issues dealing specifically with vehicle crashes and damages, while a personal injury attorney or disability lawyer can help you navigate the necessary paperwork required for compensating you. With all the various factors that go into gathering information, witnesses and necessary resources, much less seeing a courtroom, a lawyer will ease your fears and support you all steps of the way. Seek out your local legal firm and see what they can do for you in your time of need.

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