Top 3 Reasons to Call a DUI Attorney

Duii attorneys

People drive drunk. It happens every day. Sometimes it’s just one too many beers with the boys and sometimes it’s way too many vodkas at a business meeting. Everyone knows they shouldn’t drive drunk, but still it happens. A drunk driver has generally driven drunk at least 80 on average before that first arrest. After that arrest, what do you do? The first step should be to call DUI diversion attorneys. A DUI attorney will be able to guide you through the process while making sure the case is tried to your best interest. Here are some facts about drunk driving.

1. Those under 21 drink and drive, too. Though people under 21 make up only 10% of the driving population, they make up 17% of alcohol-related crashes with fatalities. Too scared to have their parents know about the drinking and too young to know their limits, they attempt to drive home impaired. These attempts can lead to deadly consequences. A criminal defense attorney can help these youngsters move through the system.

2. People are arrested for drunk driving daily. There are almost 4,000 arrests for driving under the influence per day. While this is nothing compared to the estimated 300,000 drunk drivers that don’t get arrested, it will mean something if you are one of the 4,000 that are arrested. Before getting scared or frustrated or angry, contact a law firm that specializes in criminal defense.

3. If you cause an accident while driving under the influence, the victims may be able to file a civil lawsuit. Civil lawsuits cost the U.S. economy $239 billion per year. An attorney will be able to negotiate with the victims and insurance companies on your behalf to minimize the financial impact of one bad decision. You have enough to worry about, let DUI diversion attorneys fight for you.

Whether you just had one too many or it’s a habit that has come to light, if you are caught driving drunk your first move should be to call DUI diversion attorneys. The lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with victims, insurance companies, and, of course, at trial. Driving drunk doesn’t have to be the end of your life. A good DUI diversion attorney will be able to navigate the muddy waters and help you get your life back.

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