3 Common Causes Of Car Accidents To Watch Out For This Fall

Autumn is just around the corner and summer’s hot temperatures will soon be cooling down. While this may make many folks excited about their kids going back to school or carving pumpkins with the family, it’s important to remember that fall brings its own fair share of seasonal problems for vehicles.

To help you stay on your toes and be safe this season, consider the following common causes of car accidents during the fall:

  1. Sun glare. With fall and winter approaching, the days are going to be getting shorter. That means the sun will be rising right around the time you head out for work and setting around the time you’re heading home. To keep the sun glare from blinding you while you drive, consider keeping a pair of trusted sunglasses in the car or a wide-brimmed hat to help you shield your eyes.
  2. Busier roads and sidewalks. Kids are going back to school, which means more families will be out and about in the morning when you’re on the way to work. Be sure to double-check your blind spots and to be on the lookout for kids crossing the street or coming out from sidewalk corners. It’s also crucial that you’re checking your blind spots for motorcyclists, as well, since motorcyclists aren’t likely to turn in their bikes for at least another season.
  3. Drowsy driving. With the days getting shorter, our circadian rhythms and internal clocks will soon be affected, too. This means you may find it harder to sleep and wake up in the morning, which can cause you to drive while drowsy. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous. Make sure you’re giving yourself time to grab at least seven hours of sleep.

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