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Today your neighbor’s giant rottweiler got out of our backyard before I did when he was not yet on his leash. Your father-in-law, an older gentleman in his 80’s was walking his beagle when the rottweiler ran out the neighbor’s yard. Although your neighbor always swears that her dog would not hurt a flea, both your father-in-law and his small beagle were in a panic. As the scene played out your neighbor was able to get control of her dog, but not before your father-in-law got tangled in the beagle’s leash and fell to the ground.
Fortunately, the trip to the doctor only revealed a a broken wrist, but because it is his right wrist it is not going to be able to live at home in his home until he is out of his cast and makes his way through some physical therapy. Although you are tired of your neighbor trying to convince you that her dog only looks intimidating and mean, you seriously have a difficult time believing that the dog is really, as she puts it, a sweet dog. And while your neighbor insists that this is not a frequent occurrence, your husband pointed out when he was out trying to help his father that the whole incident took place suspiciously close to the location of the neighbor’s raised sidewalk.
Your husband has asked the neighbor about fixing the sidewalk in the past, and now your husband is furious that the neighbor’s negligence, in both property care and dog ownership, has caused this injury to his father. As a result, your husband did not even hesitate. As soon as he knew that the accident involved the neighbor, the dog, and the sidewalk, he immediately called to get advice from an accident lawyer. In part, your husband wanted to share the documentation he had from when he asked, in writing, for the neighbor to fix the three inch raise in the sidewalk before someone tripped and was injured.
Can an Accident Lawyer Help You Recover from an Injury That Was Caused by Someone Else’s Carelessness?
Personal injury law firms, slip and fall lawyers, and other accident lawyers focus on court cases that attempt to help compensate accident victims. Accident attorneys, in fact, can find themselves pretty busy with the thousands of people who are attempting to find a way to recover from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, work place injuries, and slip and falls. And while you may initially think that you will handle an injury yourself, it is often difficult to anticipate all of the future expenses that you may have.
Did you know that the average drunk driver has driven as many as 80 times under the influence before they are ticketed the first time? Even though the word in our dictionary may be accident for an event that involves two cares when they hit each other, if the driver who causes the accident is a habitual drunk driver, this kind of driving event was hardly accidental. It was careless. It was reckless. And, it can be devastating. From the cost of the medical bills from the injury itself to the months, and sometimes years, of recovery and rehabilitation, these losses can be devastating.
If, in addition, you are unable to work for months, or even years, the additional financial burden can become extremely difficult. And while you may think that your employer or the responsible party is looking out for your best interest, the reality is that the other party is likely trying to find the fastest and least expensive way to get out of the situation. Once you sign of on the payout you likely will have few other options. Instead, it might be in your best interest to have your own legal representation.
Although every case is different, statistics indicate that the average amount awarded in a punitive damage lawsuit is $50,000. And while this may seem like a large amount, it may not be enough to help you cover the losses that you will have during a lengthy recovery time. Consulting an accident lawyer will help you know that you have at least explored all of your possible options.

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