Don’t Text and Drive. Here’s Why

Texting people is a great way to communicate quickly. However, more and more people are ignoring the warnings about the dangers of sending texts while operating a vehicle. Taking your eyes off the road and putting them on a device to send a text can be a deadly mistake. Here are a few statistics on this subject and some potential risks.

Distracted driving is a primary cause of auto accidents and is unfortunately becoming more commonplace.

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Distracted driving is considered to be any activity that can divert a driver from paying attention to the road and others around them. This happens when texting, and it is believed to make having an auto accident 23 times more likely.

Approximately 412,000 people were injured due to this activity in 2012 alone, and that number has steadily increased in the last decade. Records indicate that 75 percent of collisions with transport trucks are the fault of a driver using their phone to text. With over 600,000 drivers who text and drive daily, they are essentially driving while blindfolded. Don’t put yourself or others on the road at risk. Pull over if you want to shoot out a message.

Reasons Not to Text and Drive

There are several possible outcomes when texting and driving including:

  • Fender benders
  • Property damage
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Missing signs and turns

Don’t Be the Cause of an Accident Due to Texting

In addition to increasing the potential to have a collision, texting and driving is against the law in most states. Accidents result in insurance increases, and if you hurt someone or damage their property, you will have to hire a texting and driving accident lawyer.

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