What Does the FDA Say Legally About Grain Free Dog Food?

On the YouTube channel Pet Doc Sherlock, on the video ” Grain Free Dog Food Risks Update” the vet discusses the FDA studies and updates on why grain free diets may cause heart disease in some dogs. The grain free diet diet has been linked to dilated cardiomyopathy in some dog breeds. This leads to congestive heart failure and death.

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Grain free dog foods contain peas and lentils, beans, and some have potatoes. This dog food does not contain corn, wheat, rice, barley or soy, typical ingredients in diets with grains. There are 190 million dogs and the reports of this disease are low.

Many brands that make grain free dog food are alternative dog food companies as opposed to traditional established dog food companies. Studies have linked DCM heart disease to Great Danes, Doberman Pinchers, Irish Wolf Hounds, Golden Retrievers, and other popular breeds. The studies found 91% of the cases of heart disease were associated with grain-free dog food that contained peas and lentils. Dogs that died were being autopsied and those that developed the disease were given urine, blood, and fecal tests. Their diet was adjusted, and lifestyle changes made to improve their health.

Those with pets that are concerned about the diet are encouraged to stay with their brand but replace the grain free diet with a diet that includes grains. Overall, most alternative companies do make grain-based products, and if they do not change to a well-known manufacturer that has a veterinary nutritionist on staff that make dog food with grains.


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