How to Find the Right Divorce Attorney

As you head towards a divorce, having the right legal representation can make the difference between getting the custody or other arrangements you want and having to live with arrangements with your ex-spouse that are less than ideal. Even if your spouse is trying to give you legal advice or settle matters without representation, it can be useful to consult with a divorce attorney. According to this video, assessing your unique needs is the first step you should take to discover a divorce lawyer who will be a good fit for you.

Some folks walk into divorce proceedings knowing what they want for custody, alimony, asset division, negotiation, and more.

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Others may need to speak with a divorce attorney to find out what they want. As long as you understand that your wants and desires are what your legal representative should prioritize in negotiation, that’s what matters.

If you go with a divorce lawyer and they don’t seem to be a good fit after a few meetings, you can switch to another one. Until the divorce is final, there’s room to change. Of course, changing legal representation can lengthen the divorce process. Still, that might be worth it if it means getting what you want out of it.

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