What Is the Role of a Legal Nurse Consultant?

The YouTube video explores how a nurse defense attorney assists legal practitioners in matters by providing their professional opinion and insight. These nurses are indispensable in legal matters in the healthcare industry. It’s a great way for current or past nursing professionals to monetize their experience in the healthcare industry while assisting with legal matters.

Legal Nursing and Medical Malpractice

There are strict regulations in the healthcare industry. It makes it a very complex area.

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Especially for legal practitioners who may not always have the knowledge or understanding of medical protocols when dealing¬†with medical malpractice lawsuits. That’s why legal nurses are so crucial to this industry.

The primary role of a nurse consultant is to help an attorney understand the protocols and regulations of the healthcare industry. Thus, when an attorney review their case, they’ll have a better foundational knowledge of the obligations of healthcare providers as it pertains to their specific legal matter.

The legal nurse’s duties differ depending on the case they’re involved in. It may include reviewing medical records, identifying patient treatment, assessing patient care, preparing documentation, and communicating with healthcare professionals. These are just some of the duties of a nursing consultant.

A nurse defense attorney is crucial in medical malpractice lawsuits. Their expertise is invaluable in helping attorneys navigate medical regulations and protocols. They combine medical experience with legal training to offer their services.


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