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If your law practice could use better and simpler ways to reach both your clients and your employees, try using a law firm newsletter. You keep both parties informed and can even customize your lawyer newsletter to fit both audiences. On the one end, you could target your client base by publishing articles in the legal newsletter detailing the awards your staff members perhaps have won and the recent positive news that have garnered headlines for your practice or for your other clients. In short, your clients will stay abreast of what is happening within your firm when you send out a newsletter legal focused.

Your own lawyer employees get to stay informed as well with this kind of newsletter, which addresses promotions, awards and other merits, and additional activities going on within the firm that affect them. Instead of holding weekly meetings to go through this news and risking not letting everyone within the practice know about it should they be away handling their caseloads, you could send out a weekly newsletter legal focused that highlights these activities. You even could have something on there to indicate which of your employees have opened the newsletter so you maybe could manage their knowledge of this information better.

Not every newsletter law firm practices publish these days targets both audiences effectively, so you may need to start out in one area and then expand into the other area once you are comfortable with the newsletter legal focused you are putting out. Not every newsletter lawyer professionals put out is 100 percent effective either, so take a long hard look at the other newsletters currently being published by other firms to notice what they do right and what they do wrong. Then you can formulate how you want your own newsletter to look.

Digging even further, you could hire a marketing professional with newsletter legal experience, which would empower you to pass off this task to proven experts. You could hand off the news to an outside agency, which could then pull all the pieces together and create for you an excellent newsletter that has pizzazz and strong content too. Maybe most of your lawyers are not all that good at writing, or perhaps they lack the time for it. By hiring a marketing expert with newsletter legal experience, you could improve the chances that people open your newsletter, regardless of its content.

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