Who Is Liable For Personal Injury In The State Of Georgia?

personal injury legal teamPersonal injury cases are some of the most common court cases in the United States. However, only up to 5% of American personal injury cases go to trial with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. One of the first things discussed in a personal injury case is which party is liable for the sustained injuries of the client. Typically, the injured party will have the personal injury legal team representing them investigate the case for potential liability.

However, while the personal injury legal team can investigate to argue on behalf of the injured party, who is determined liable is greatly influenced by the personal injury law of the state. Each state has different laws regarding personal injury. For this reason, it’s important for you to know your state’s laws and how they may differ from other states.

Liability across Georgia
There are various types of personal injury cases caused by a variety of incidents. These incidents include wrongful death, negligence, defamation, assault, etc. The state of Georgia determines who is liable for damages based on these types of incidents.

Wrongful death
According to Georgia law, the person who was responsible for the incident that caused the wrongful death is liable for that death. Therefore, a court case is often needed in order to legally determine the person responsible for the incident such as a car accident.

The state of Georgia uses a modified comparative negligence doctrine in order to determine who is liable for negligence. If the victim of personal injury is considered to be less than 50% at fault for the damages, they’re able to recover damages from the responsible party. However, if the victim of personal injury is found to be at fault for more than 50% of damages, then the responsible party need only cover the damages they were directly responsible for.

The person held liable for personal injury in the case of defamation is the writer or speaker who expressed the original negative words or statement. Additionally, the persons who repeat the statement are also held liable for personal injury.

In the case of assault and battery, the person who delivered the injuries to the victim is liable for the crime.

Be aware of limitations
A party can only be held liable for personal injury if the injured party has filed a lawsuit within a specific time frame. According to the Discovery Rule, the statute of limitations begins when the person who sustained the injury becomes aware of their injury. However, in Georgia, it’s important to know the limitations so that you can properly file for personal injury with the help of your personal injury legal team.

In Georgia, the limitations are as follows:

    • Wrongful death: Two years with the potential of four in certain circumstances.
    • Negligence (including a car accident claim): Two years.
    • Defamation: One year.
    • Assault: Two years.

Personal injury cases may differ from state to state. This includes who may be considered liable for damages as well as the time limits for filing against potentially liable parties. In the state of Georgia, who is considered liable for the injury sustained by the victim determines whether or not that victim can receive compensation for the damages sustained.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney May be Necessary

If you fall on someone else’s property, you should hire a slip and fall lawyer to represent you as you seek damages. Injury litigation is complicated, so any mistakes could result in you receiving less money. When you’re paying for medical care, you need as much money as possible. This is why personal injury victims work specifically with personal injury lawyers. They can negotiate on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your recovery without worrying that you’re going to miss out on the money you deserve. Since these lawyers focus primarily on personal compensation, they know exactly how to talk to other parties and insurance companies in order to get what they need.

Since personal injury clients need specific lawyers, you’ll need to find out how to get the right lawyer for your case. Ask for recommendations from people you know. You could also look online. Law firms often have websites where they’ll list their specialties. You can contact them and ask to meet with a lawyer. From there, you can discuss your case and see if you and the lawyer are a good fit.

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Maybe you were recently in a car accident. Maybe you are looking for a personal injury attorney because you are facing expensive medical bills for an injury that wasn’t your fault. No matter the case, it’s important to know that you have rights as a citizen and the law may just be on your side with a personal injury lawsuit.

Auto Accident Victims Should Always Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to hiring a professional for a personal injury lawsuit, you have yourself a case if you were a victim in an auto accident and incurred injuries. Most times, the severe injuries are measured by:

  • The type of injury sustained at the time of the accident;
  • Length of time you incurred the injury; and
  • The overall expenses of your medical bills.

There are two types of injuries that are most notable though. These include long-term and permanent disability injuries. These are lawsuits that can easily be won by any personal injury attorney with experience. If itandrsquo;s a not-at-fault accident and you were the victim, you have rights and its time you pursue them!

People who Refuse to Pay You

Maybe you’ve tried to be civil. However, not everyone is going to be compliant with paying you money for your medical expenses. Some people just outright ignore you after you make attempts to call them. If someone was at fault for your injuries and they aren’t going to respond, you need to get a personal injury attorney involved. Whether you incurred a small injury or large injury, you shouldn’t be responsible for paying all your costly medical bills.

Personal Injury Attorneys Protect Your Rights

You may not know the full extent of the law and how to get a winning case, but a personal injury attorney can easily get a case expedited for you. You want a personal injury attorney who has experience. Look around when hiring and see if people have reviewed the attorney for his excellence; or lack thereof. You need to be diligent if you are going to take your personal injury claim serious. You want to know you have someone who has a high percentage of winning your case.

Don’t Allow Anyone to Stonewall Your Case

Whether it’s the person you want to sue, your personal injury attorney or someone else never let anyone stop you from pursuing your case. You deserve to have your case heard and entitled to money if you have incurred several hospital bills.

If debt collectors are harassing you because you can’t pay medical bills, you should make sure you record all of the notices and invoices sent to you. You want to document everything so you can show your injury attorney all the proof of the bills.

Even Get Paid More for Mental and Emotional Damage

With the law, there are always surprises. If you were a part of an auto accident with sustained injuries, you can get compensated for the mental and emotional distress the injury had on you and the proceeding events. If debt collectors have caused you hassle and you show your attorney, he has the ability to put in the claim and add to your bonus of money you are entitled too.

Hire the best personal injury attorney and win.