Five Fascinating Facts You Might Learn in a Legal Newsletter

Legal newsletter

Many people will want to sign up for a monthly newsletter law firms might put out in order to keep up with any changes to laws or regulations in their area. However, they might be surprised at all of the interesting facts that they might find. Because policy and rule changes can be pretty mundane, and downright boring, writers might want to try to spice up legal newsletters by adding some interesting and uncommon facts. A few of them might even bring a laugh or two.

1. One of the most common jokes in the world, that does not even really have an answer, is “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Well, in Quitman, Georgia, nobody ever has to asks. Out fowl friends are literally forbidden from crossing the road.

2. Sending a wink and buying a girl a drink is a great way for guys to meet girls. However, in Little Rock, Arkansas, flirting is frowned upon. It could cause someone to end up dealing with 30 days in jail.

3. For the most part, any newsletter legal teams send out will not make any mention of facial hair. But in Eureka, Nevada, that might not always be the case. Law firm newsletters from that city might mention the fact that it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman.

4. The notion that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” does not always hold true in Wilbur, Washington, especially when it comes to horses. Lawyer newsletters there might have to explain, especially to people new to the area, that in the city, it is illegal to ride an ugly horse.

5. There are all kinds of rules associated with dog bites, especially if someone gets seriously hurt. But there are very few that have to do with people biting dogs. In Paulding, Ohio, it has been deemed legal for an officer to bite a dog if they feel it will help the dog relax.

These facts all seem silly, and how serious they are taken might vary from place to place. But the reality is that many people are completely unaware of them, and without getting a newsletter legal practices send out regularly, they might never know. So these facts are helpful not only to firms who want to increase readership, but also to readers who want to know everything about their city.

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