A Primer on Divorce

Many marriages end for different reasons and lead to divorce. Divorce processes are never easy for anyone. It drains the parties involved, emotionally, physically, and even financially. The process often starts with a petition where one spouse makes an application for separation. In many cases, it is initiated by one spouse. There are, however, some cases where the two agree amicably to separate. Many people often ask, can a man file for divorce? Any spouse can initiate divorce with valid reasons why they cannot keep up with the commitment.

With the complications and legal proceedings that accompany the process, one should seek help from a divorce attorney. Some people would consider representing themselves at the initial stage of the divorce process as a money-saving move. What they don’t think is what happens after filing for divorce. Before deciding whether to hire an attorney or not, ask yourself some basic divorce questions. Are there children involved? Would you want to receive spousal support? Is it a contested divorce? Are there significant assets?

Getting a good divorce lawyer to serve in your best interest is significant. Keep in mind that during this period, one is battling emotions, and the decisions made greatly impact their lives and that of their loved ones. If you have children, for example, ensure that you are working with a child support attorney.

Orange county child custody attorney

The only US president to have been divorced is the late Ronald Reagan, but outside presidents and presidential candidates, divorce is surprisingly common. Over the last twenty years, couples over 50 have divorced at the double the rate, according to Bowling Green State University. In the California area, a family law attorney Orange County residents can rely on can help mitigate the hassle and pain of divorce, just as Orange County DUI attorneys can assist with DUIs.

Perhaps it is the somber weather, or the strain Valentines Day puts on an already rocky relationship, but family court tends to see the most divorce filings in February. Reasons for divorce can vary. According to a Norweigan study, divorce rates are doubled for couples that share household chores, but each couple is of course different. Family law in general is the area of law that deals with domestic relations such as divorce, child custody or paternal disputes.

An Orange County family law attorney can assist with divorce proceedings, just as an Orange county dui lawyer can assist with a DUI. Orange County DUI attorneys specialize in DUI cases, while family law attorneys deal with divorce, along with other family court issues like custody, child abduction or surrogacy. Frequently requiring the assistance of Orange county dui attorneys could explain the necessity for a family court lawyer, but the two are not necessarily related. Those in need of Orange County DUI attorneys should be aware that DUIs and other legal problems can and will affect family court decisions. Read this for more.

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