How Felony and Misdemeanor Bonds are an Essential Part of the Judicial System

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If you’re like most people, you believe that the people who go to jail deserve to be there. In fact, the greater majority of prisoners in American jails at any given time are simply waiting for their cases to go to trial, and for a verdict to pronounce them innocent or guilty. That’s right. More than half of the prisoners in the nation’s jails have not been convicted of any crime. This is just one reason out of many why bail and bail bonds of any kind – from felony criminal bonds to misdemeanor bonds – play an important role in the judicial system. They allow citizens to retain their freedom while their cases are heard in courts of law.

Why is bail so important?
The right to bail is actually specified in the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. That’s because someone who has not been convicted of a crime should not be arbitrarily deprived of their freedom. That’s where bail bonds come in. Most people don’t realize why they play such an important part in the judicial process. A bail bondsman stands guarantee that person under trial will continue to appear in court to answer the charges against him.
By posting bail on behalf of the individual, the bail bond agency secures his or her freedom, giving them the chance to resume their normal life while their case is decided. As many as 60% of the prisoners in U.S. jails on any given day are simply awaiting the completion of their trial. They don’t actually deserve to be in jail unless the judge determines that they pose a risk to the community or a flight risk. For those who have been granted bail by a judge, felony or misdemeanor bonds can restore their freedom.

Bail restores the individual’s freedom
Since the judicial system is overburdened, it can take months and even a full year for a case to reach its conclusion and for guilt or innocence to be decided. Without bond, such as felony or misdemeanor bonds, the person facing trial would have to spend all that time in prison. Not only does that disrupt both work and family life, the overcrowded prison system is both unhealthy and dangerous.
Planning a defense for an individual is much more easily done from home than from jail. Prison cuts off individuals from their support networks, and isolates them in a place where any kind of communication with the outside world is difficult and expensive. Felony and even misdemeanor bonds posted by a bail bond company can help the person return home and face their trial with the support of family and friends.

Who might need a bail bond?
The truth is that anyone might find themselves in need of bail, for anything from a DUI charge to a major criminal charge. Researchers have found that more than half, or 52% of all American men can expect to be arrested at least once in their lives. And a study published in the Pediatrics journal in 2011 revealed that one in three people can expect to be arrested at least once before the age of 23.

Felony and misdemeanor bonds can restore the individual’s freedom and give them the chance to create a proper defense in court.

I Got Into A Car Accident Which Attorney Should I Contact?

Auto accident claims

Taking care of a vehicle is a massive responsibility. You have to maintain a consistent insurance carrier, practice safe habits daily and be conscientious of other drivers on the road. Even a minor slip-up can have major consequences and nowhere is that more clear than the field of auto law. The United States boasts a dense population, home to millions of different vehicles, and sees thousands of accidents happening every day. As such, auto accident attorneys are in high demand for a number of cases ranging from personal injury to property damages. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident or is seeking liability charges, an auto accident attorney is your first stop toward reaching a desirable conclusion. Read below to learn more about driving in America, common issues facing drivers and the resources available to you.

Common Car Accidents

While there are many ways to get into a car accident, some are more common than others. This has given rise to a number of ongoing awareness campaigns, be they televised or printed, to better encourage drivers to avoid certain bad habits and warning signs while on the open road. Studies have shown drunk driving costing the U.S. nearly $200 billion every year in damages. Auto accident attorneys work in a variety of different fields, including the after effects of driving under the influence. Although people drive drunk almost 300,000 every day, fewer than 4,000 are actually arrested. The majority of car crash fatalities are caused by drunk driving, speeding and distracted behavior.

Safe Driving Habits

It’s imperative to keep safe driving habits in mind every single time you go behind the wheel, keeping both yourself and others safe all days of the year. Wearing a seatbelt is paramount to avoiding devastating injury when in a car crash, with children and babies requiring specialized seatbelts compared to adults. Texting or eating while driving is a hazard when driving due to distraction being one of the leading causes of car accidents. A study showed over 60% of smartphone owners using their phone at least occasionally while operating turn-by-turn navigation, with another study seeing over 600,000 drivers using their cell phones while operating a vehicle.

Disability Claim

For those seeking a disability claim or personal injury lawsuit, there are resources available to see you getting the help you need. Studies have shown just over one in four of today’s young adults becoming disabled before reaching the age of 67. The Social Security Administration has issued benefits to nearly 65 million people and that number is only expected to increase due to fluctuating expectations and needs of the population at large. A personal injury attorney or disability lawyer can see you getting compensation, with the vast majority of cases being settled outside of the court.

Finding An Attorney

Whether you’ve become injured in a car accident or have developed a disability that needs compensation, finding the right attorney will go a long way in helping you reach a viable solution. Auto accident attorneys specialize in legal issues dealing specifically with vehicle crashes and damages, while a personal injury attorney or disability lawyer can help you navigate the necessary paperwork required for compensating you. With all the various factors that go into gathering information, witnesses and necessary resources, much less seeing a courtroom, a lawyer will ease your fears and support you all steps of the way. Seek out your local legal firm and see what they can do for you in your time of need.

What You Need to Know Before You File For Divorce

Filing for divorce is typically an immersive process that could also be strenuous. That said, you should know how to go through the process the right way in order to get the best outcome. A divorce mediator may help you arrive at an amicable solution without making the process messy and unbearable.

They can help you find out how to protect assets from an alcoholic spouse if this is an issue for you. They’ll also walk with you to explain foreign terms to you and make it easier for you to understand the process fully. Whether you need to know the process in case your wife filed for divorce or your husband filed for divorce, a divorce mediator can help you a lot.

You may also need to get an actual divorce attorney depending on the way things go, and this is another thing that a divorce mediator may help you with. It’s important to know the details of different situations, for example, when you’re separated and apart. These details will help you make the best decisions and you may end up avoiding a reasonable amount of potential stress from the divorce. Work with an expert so that they can help you manage your expectations in the best way possible.

When you get married, you usually aren’t thinking about what you should do when you get divorced. That seems like such a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. Questions like “Where do I get a divorce lawyer?”, “Do divorce papers expire?”, “Can I find a legal separation attorney near me?”, “What is a one-day divorce?” and ”What is a one-sided divorce?” typically should not run through your mind. That usually comes later – unless you had misgivings at first.

Once you have sorted out any of those questions, you need to think about what you need to do to go ahead and actually file for your divorce. This will help you learn the necessary steps to go ahead and start the termination of your marriage. Some of the above questions will be answered in the post.

Think of this as being like someone sitting next to you and giving you the advice that you need so that you won’t feel unprepared when you do contact an attorney about your situation and make sure that you do the right things.

Divorce papers

Contemplating the end of a marriage is not easy. No-one goes into a marriage thinking about its end, yet we are often told that as many as half of all married relationships end in a divorce. In fact, every minute there are two divorces in the United States. When the breaking point comes, it is important to weigh your legal options and ensure you get the support and advice that you need.

In more than two-thirds of all cases, it is the woman who files for divorce. Unfaithfulness is the leading cause of divorce in the united States, according to a study in the Journal of Family Issues, which found that almost 22% of respondents listed infidelity as the factor that ended their marriage. Similarly, the AAMFT reports that more than half of the caseload of couples therapists has to do with cheating in a marriage. Incompatibility is also often cited as a cause of the breakdown of marriages, with just over 19% of the survey respondents listing it as the cause. Over 10% of those who filed for divorce stated that drinking or drug abuse was the cause.

Contested divorce forms require that a reason is given for the ending of the marriage. In most cases, this is usually infidelity by one or both of the spouses, alcoholism or other forms of addiction, or marital cruelty of one form or another. You can ask a family lawyer for divorce help and filing of contested divorce forms. Even simple cases may require uncontested divorce lawyers to aid spouses in reaching an amicable decision.

In most cases it takes between nought and six months for a divorce to become final after the initial divorce petition has been filed. It becomes even more complex when there are children involved. In almost 30% of all cases involving child custody, a fair decision was reached without the need for third party involvement; in over 5% of such cases, a custody evaluation resulted in any issues being resolved. Most parents want the best for their children even after the breakdown of the relationship with the other parent. Just over 22% of fathers who live apart from their children see them more than once a week. See this link for more references.

Hurt by a Drunk Driver? Find the Right Personal Injury Lawyer to Help

If you have suffered from an accident that left you injured, you’re not alone. Many people get injured in a way that makes the injury the fault of someone else. If you need to find a personal injury lawyer, there are many ways that you can find one. A good personal injury lawyer can be found by asking around for recommendations as well as by looking online at attorney reviews that are favorable.

It’s important to get a personal injury attorney so that you are well-represented in court for your injury case. A personal injury claim requires a lot of legal knowledge and the filing of certain papers at certain times. If you don’t have a personal injury lawyer, everything may not be done legally and correctly. This may harm a case or even invalidate it. The best bet is to have an attorney to help you.

When you have had an accident, the person or entity responsible for it may not be who you thought it was at first. It will be up to your attorney to investigate the accident and figure out who was at fault for your personal injury. With an attorney, you have someone to represent your interests.

Criminal defense firms

Driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance is a real problem all over the United States. In Ohio, approximately one in every seven people with a driver’s license has at least one conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI). That is about 1.1 million people. The Ohio Department of Public Safety has reported that there are nearly 45,000 people in the same state with five or more OVI convictions on their records. Two people who live in Ohio share the state record for OVI convictions. They have more then 20 each. If you have been injured by an impaired driver, you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer.

What You Can Do to Help Your Personal Injury Case:

Get medical treatment right away. First of all, most courts do not look kindly on people who avoid getting medical treatment. It looks like they are trying to make their injuries appear worse to get more of a settlement from their personal injury case. Secondly, your documentation from your medical visits can only help your personal injury lawyer when they are negotiating your deal. You need as much documentation as you can get your hands on. Once you know you are going to sue, tell your doctor. They may make their notes more thorough.

Have someone stay on the scene and document the evidence. If the police were involved in the accident, you can get their records to help with your personal injury lawsuit. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to use them either in court or when negotiating with the other side. If you have someone who can stay on the scene to take photos and video of the wreckage, that is great. This video can be from a camera phone, it is not going to be screened for an Oscar, just used as evidence in your case.

Take your own notes. You may think that you will never forget what you are going through after an accident but you will. Even the pain will fade in your memory. Keep notes of your experiences, feelings and all of your appointments. If you have to take a taxi to the doctor’s office or to a physical therapy appointment, get a receipt. All of this can only help your personal injury attorney. Thorough documentation goes a long way in these cases.

Find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. It is easy to forget that, like medical doctors, lawyers specialize. You do not want a criminal law expert to handle your personal injury case, for example. Even the best criminal defense attorney would be out of their league when dealing with personal injury cases. There are lawyers who specialize even in different kinds of accidents. You want to talk to someone who has a lot of experience dealing with your kind of case. Only 2% of these cases ever see the inside of a courtroom so they need to be able to negotiate on your behalf and do it well.

Talk to a few law firms. Take advantage of their free consultation to ask all of the questions that you have. Spend some real time with the personal injury lawyer and get to know them. Ask them why they went into this kind of law and how long they have been practicing it. Ask them how much of their time is spent on personal injury law vs. the other cases they have. There may not be enough personal injury cases to warrant spending all of their time on that kind of case. How do they charge their clients? Many personal injury law firms do not charge unless they win but some do. Be perfectly clear on what their billing policy is before you hire anyone. See how comfortable you are talking to the lawyer. You need to share some very personal information so you want to be comfortable talking to them about what you have experienced.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case is important. You need to be able to talk to them but they also need a good track record of negotiating good deals for their clients.

Think Uncontested Divorce Is Simple? There Are 37 Uncontested Divorce Forms

Divorce papers

If you’ve ever had friends go through a bitter divorce (or if you yourself are an adult child of divorce), then you know that divorce has a particular way of tearing people and families apart. So many things can go wrong. Disputes over money. Disputes over custody. Name calling and recriminations. Expensive divorce lawyers. Family court judges who treat fathers like criminals.
Fortunately, there actually is a better way: uncontested divorce.

What is uncontested divorce?

For many couples wondering, “What is uncontested divorce?”, it’s the answer they’ve been looking for. Simply put, an uncontested divorce occurs when soon-to-be-former spouses already agree on issues like child custody, spousal support, child support, division of assets, and key co-parenting issues.
There are three important caveats we should note:
First, it’s important to note that every state has its own approach to divorce and family law, and so even if you plan of moving forward with an amicable divorce, it may still be worthwhile to speak to divorce attorneys. Many husbands prefer to hire divorce attorneys for men, and vice versa.
Second, even if you’re 100% certain your spouse will not contest your petition for divorce or fight you in court, at any time either spouse can turn an uncontested divorce into the bitter divorce you’re trying to avoid. Never assume you are in agreement on anything. Clear, direct communication now can avoid major problems down the road. And again, if you have any questions at all, speak with a divorce or family law attorney before moving forward.
Third, if you think an uncontested divorce is going to be simple, you’re in for a nasty surprise. For instance, in New York state, the courts have 37 different divorce forms associated with uncontested divorce alone.
All that being said, an uncontested divorce can save time, money, stress, and the bitter emotions that typically come with a contested divorce proceeding. If you and your spouse can agree to the important issues ahead of time, then you can spare yourselves, your children, and everyone around you from the painful drama normally associated with divorce.