Fatal Auto Accidents Most Prevalent in Texas

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Texas leads the country in many things. Energy use, cowboy boot sales, Lone Star beer consumption, and, surprisingly, semi truck accidents. Truck accident lawyers are busy in Texas, where one in every ten fatal auto accident auto accident occurred in 2014. That amounts to over 3,000 fatal accidents.

Truck accident statistics in Texas are through the roof. Over 550 of those accidents involved semi trucks, a 38% increase in just four years. While semi accidents account for 10% of most states’ traffic accidents, in Texas, that number is 16%.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the state itself. And while the lone star state’s sheer size could contribute to the number of accidents within its borders, size alone cannot explain this truck accident information.

Texas is a bridge between the east and the west, meaning that it hosts plenty of cross-country traffic from both coasts. With the addition of its many ports along the Gulf of Mexico, more trucks are coming in and out of the state to pick up merchandise.

Texas’ large urban populations also contribute to the number of auto accidents. With more people congesting the roads, there becomes a higher risk of accidents. High resident population coupled with high influx of shipping increases both the risk of personal injury and death, as well as work injury.

Car and truck accident lawyers rarely visit the scenes of accidents, which is almost second nature to trial lawyers. When determining liability, which is almost never going to be a “no fault” in a state such as Texas, with so many accidents, it’s important for the personal injury lawyer to evaluate the situation from all angles, and sometimes that means looking at the scene of the accident.

Being able to see the markings in the road can help determine the sequence of events that unfolded before the accident. Tire marks are often indicative of a vehicle’s path, which may have swerved, or stayed in the lane, depending on the situation.

Witnesses can also be helpful, especially in cases where one party has died, or has experienced an injury resulting in memory loss.