Three Benefits to Hiring a Drunk Driving Attorney in Ohio

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Many people are searching for information on OVIs and whether or not they should hire a drunk driving attorney. Did you know that in Ohio, the blood alcohol limit for individuals under 21 is .02? Many people do not realize this, and are subsequently fined. OVI stands for operating a vehicle impaired, and in the state of Ohio an OVI can apply to multiple types of transportation, including bikes and horse drawn carriages. If you have driven or operated some sort of vehicle impaired, you should consider hiring a drunk driving attorney. What are some benefits to hiring a drunk driving lawyer?

First, If you end up being convicted of an OVI, you will have to pay a fine, and the fine will be anywhere from 250 to 1000 dollars. If an OVI attorney Columbus Ohio helps you avoid the fine, then the service basically pays for itself.

Second, an OVI offense can add up to six points on your license, even if it is the first time it has happened. When your license points go up, so does the cost of your insurance. To avoid this, a drunk driving attorney can often help you by entering a plea bargain, which is possible in cases where there was no accident, the defendant had no prior record, and when the amount of alcohol in their system was borderline illegal.

Third, in Ohio, a plea bargain of wet reckless may sometimes be accepted by the prosecution depending on the circumstances. In these cases, your Dui attorney columbus ohio will argue for you to receive a misdemeanor. The benefits of this bargain your drunk driving attorney can get for you is that you will receive a shorter probation, shorter alcohol school, no driver restriction on your license, and a smaller fine.

The con to this bargain your DUI lawyer Columbus Ohio arranges is that the wet reckless will stay on your license for ten years, rather than ten. This means that if you are arrested again within that time frame for OVI, you will be charged as a second offense, which comes with greater penalties and a probable several days in jail. You and your DUI attorney Columbus Ohio can talk about what the right action is for you.

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