What to Do Following an Accident–Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm

Denver car accident lawyer

Do you need personal injury legal advice? Rather than allowing your emotions to run rampant and your stress level to rise, contact a smart, aggressive, and compassionate personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

A personal injury attorney can provide you with information on your rights, responsibilities, as well as other counsel. When you or someone you care about has been injured in a work-related or vehicular accident, it’s important to have the information that a personal injury lawyer can provide.

Here are just a few questions to ask a personal injury lawyer:

    What if I was a victim of a car or motorcycle accident?
    What is a personal injury settlement?

        What are settlement amounts for traumatic brain injuries?
        What if sustained a personal injury while working?
        What is a workers comp claim?
        Can I file a workers compensation case?

      In addition to actively listening to your questions and concerns, your personal injury attorney will also have questions to ask you. One of these will be whether you, or the person you may be assisting, have sought and received the proper medical attention following the work-related injury or accident.

      If you or a loved one have been in an accident involving a vehicle, rather than a work-place accident, your attorney will also be concerned that you have sought and received the proper medical attention.

      If you need to file a Workers’ Compensation claim, you may be relieved to know that the National Academy of Social Insurance states that 100% of the medical costs for injured workers are paid. Furthermore, this payment begins from the date the injury occurred.

      If you’re concerned about losing pay due to missed work, then Worker’s Compensation, according to the National Academy of Social Insurance, states that after a three-to-seven-day waiting period, cash benefits will be paid.

      If a spouse or other family member has died as a result of a work-related injury, your personal injury attorney can provide counsel in this case as well. In some cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed, and your attorney can investigate this to determine whether or not there’s evidence of negligence.

      The United States Department of Labor’s 2013 report indicated that there were several categories of work-related deaths in 2012:

        Transportation incidents: 42%
        Homicides and suicides: 16%
        Contact with equipment and objects: 16%
        Falls, slips, and trips: 15%

      If any of the above have occurred to you or a loved one, be sure to contact an attorney for personal injury legal advice.