Eight Questions to Ask an Injury Attorney

Before you hire an Injury Attorney, there are eight questions you have to ask them. These questions could be the difference between you winning or losing your case. It’s important to get to know your attorney.

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After all, you’re putting all of your trust in their hands. You need to know they’re worthy of that trust. If they can’t answer these questions, you should find another lawyer. You’ll know when you have found the right fit.

When you’re attempting to ask these questions, always listen to your gut. If something doesn’t feel right to you, you’re most likely correct. A lawyer should never rush you out of the room or try to hurry your case along for any reason. They should give you the time and attention that you deserve. The first impression is important. Always pay close attention to it.

First, always make sure your lawyer is licensed in the state where you need to be represented. Otherwise, they’ll just waste your time. Always ask for proof of the license. Then, ask if you’re going to work directly with the attorney or case manager. You need to know when your representation will be available to you. It’s always a good idea to start with these questions.


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