Questions To Ask An Injury Attorney Before Hiring

This video discusses hiring an injury attorney and some of the questions a prospective client should ask the specialist before hiring them. Before the speaker gives that helpful advice, he says that prospects should listen to their gut instincts. If something doesn’t feel right when speaking to an attorney, it probably isn’t right.

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No one should ever feel rushed by the attorney because that’s a good indicator that the entire relationship between the person and the attorney will be rushed.

The person should first ask whether the attorney is licensed to work in the state where the incident happened or where the individual lives. Out-of-state attorneys may not be allowed to practice law in the individual’s condition. Another critical question is whether the represented person will be dealing with the actual attorney or a case manager. Some people don’t mind dealing with case managers. However, other people may want to deal with the attorney specifically. It might be a dealbreaker if that person finds out that they have to deal with a third party about a very personal case. A third question to ask an attorney is their availability and time to expect return calls.

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