Two Laws that Govern Maritime Claims

Longshore and harbor workers compensation

As the unfortunate BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico shows, accidents and injuries on the high seas are all too common. That said, it can be confusing to file maritime claims. A different body of law covers maritime claims than those claims made by stateside workers. Some maritime workers, subject to international law alone, may not ever be able to file maritime claims against their employer. While these cases are rarer than they used to be, it is still important to know how to file maritime claims for workers compensation. Below is an overview of relevant laws governing maritime claims.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation act is the chief law governing maritime claims. Intended as a supplement to Jones act workers compensation, the Longshore workers compensation act covers all maritime workers not otherwise covered by the Jones Act. This means many type of workers can file maritime claims, including harbor pilots, those in the mineral extraction industry, and landside dock workers. Landside dock workers, like longshoremen, can even apply for state workers compensation in addition to longshore workers compensation. The act also allows maritime claims for expatriate compensation if the expatriate is a U.S. government employee abroad.

The Defense Base Act strengthens worker compensation for government employees abroad. This act is designed to provide federal workers compensation to U.S. Government contractors and employees working for the U.S. government. Examples may include caterers and janitors, security details, harbor workers and longshoremen, and anyone else who may serve the U.S. government in any capacity abroad.

Finding the right law that governs maritime claims is a difficult process. Fortunately, you can get help. With Longshore and Harbor Workers attorneys, as well as Defense base act attorneys, you can file the maritime claims that are right for you. All you need to do is reach out to a lawyer familiar with maritime issues, and see what they can do for you. More like this.

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