US Investor Visa Requirements

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Do I need an immigration lawyer? There are many different ways that you can immigrate to the United States, and an immigration lawyer can help you to figure out which immigration pathway will work best for you. Whether you are immigrating for personal reasons, trying to expand your business to the US, or are seeking refuge or asylum within the US, an immigration attorney can help get through the process. Attorneys can help you to comply with the assorted immigration regulations while completing all of the paperwork required and navigating what can be a lengthy process.

What type of visa do I need? A “green card” grants its bearer the right to live and work in the US permanently. However, there are many different ways to immigrate and to get a green card. Which you choose will depend entirely on your personal circumstances and why you are immigrating. Refugee and asylee programs can get an immigrant permanent resident status in the US, but they are only one route to permanent resident status. Each type of visa has different requirements that you will need to meet. If you have married an American and want to immigrate, for instance, that is a different pathway and will require different documentation.

US investor visa requirements can be much more complex and difficult to meet, so if you are trying to immigrate for business purposes, it may be important to retain an attorney. The US investor visa requirements for an EB 5 visa, for instance, include $1,000,000 in investment (or only $500,000 if it is invested in certain areas) and the creation or preservation of at least 10 jobs in the US. Almost $7 billion have been invested in the US economy since the creation of this visa. Even if you want to start a business in the US, US investor visa requirements may be excessive for some people, so it might be worth immigrating through a different channel. If you are wondering how to find immigration lawyers to help you to navigate US investor visa requirements, lawyer directories on the internet from state bar associations usually provide listings of attorneys and their practice areas. Helpful research also found here.

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