What Happens After You Get a DUI?

The most positive thing you can say about getting a DUI is it’s a learning experience. The fellow in this video was lucky that he was just pulled over and not in an accident.

What exactly will happen depends on which state you’re in and the details surrounding your arrest. In Nevada, as in many states, your vehicle may be fitted with an ignition interlock device, something both inconvenient and a little embarrassing. (Some states only do it on the second offense.

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) The fine could be a few hundred dollars, depending. Your insurance premiums may increase. There’s also license restriction, probation, and jail time, not to mention legal fees. And you may be required to take DUI courses that will encourage you to take better care of your situation in the future and not reoffend.

A DUI course will be yet another expense, one that varies from one state to another. This course will teach you how to make better decisions and drink responsibly. You may have to listen to testimonials from people whose lives were drastically changed by a drunk driver. This is to help you learn the consequences of driving while under the influence.


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