What to Do if Your Family Lawyer Doesnt Meet Your Expectations

When you are in a time-sensitive case, you may be rushed into hiring a family lawyer. In some instances, you may have been experiencing copious amounts of stress when making your decision. Maybe you just didn’t see the red flags that a family lawyer was showing until you already hired them. Whichever situation that you are in, know that there is help. Hiring a family lawyer is not a lifelong sentence.

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This video provides an outline on what to do if your family lawyer isn’t a good match for you.

First of all, communicate clearly with your attorney. Family attorneys presumably know how to settle a case, and even though their decisions may not make perfect sense in your eyes, it is important to put a bit of trust in them. If you are questioning their actions, tell them. If they do not provide answers, then it could be time to fire the attorney. This should be used as a last resort, or if no consensus can be reached. A family attorney can also fire you, so keep in mind your behavior and attitude during sessions.


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