What to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Dealing with a personal injury case requires an expert, but you need to make sure you know what to look for. Here are things to know before you hire personal injury lawyers.

State License

If an attorney is not licensed in the state where the accident happened, then they won’t be able to help you. Check with your state to confirm the attorney you’re checking out.

Case Manager or Attorney

Sometimes you may be dealing with a case manager instead of an attorney. Though they are legal professionals, too, they will not have as in-depth knowledge.

Returning Communication

Attorneys may take a few days to return your phone calls or emails. They’ll likely be managing a sizable caseload. If you need prompt communication, check with your attorney before hiring when they’ll be getting back to you.


With personal injury law, the more experienced, the better. As an attorney gains experience they get a deeper knowledge of the law and are better at negotiating.

Copies of Pertinent Documents

If you want to be totally involved in your case, talk to your attorney before you hire them on if they will send you every copy of the documents they receive pertaining to your case. You also want to check if they will bill you for these.


The last thing to note is if the attorney is willing to file a lawsuit. Not all are, so if you want to sue, choose the attorney who will stand by you.

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