A Simple Guide to Explain How Bail Bonds Work

A bail bond is an instrument that is used to get someone out of jail while they wait for their trial date. A bail bond is a surety that the person charged with a crime will show up in court for their court date. This short video provides information about bail bonds, how much they cost, and the basics of how they work.

The bond system to get out of jail dates back to old English law and has been a part of the jail system in the United States since the late eighteen hundreds. The amount of the bond that needs to be guaranteed largely depends on the type of crime and the “flight risk” of the defendant.

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Bond agents are professionals that help people to get released from jail before their trial date. Learn more about how this system works and what you can expect if you ever need a bonds agent by watching this video. There is a lot of information contained in this short video that will help you to understand the bail process better. Watch now to learn more.


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