Why You Need An Attorney for a DUI

The roads today have become life-threatening, especially because of drunk drivers. If you fall under that category, the authorities will soon catch up with you, and you will face the consequences. Nonetheless, there is a way out, which involves working with a lawyer. It becomes highly essential to understand why you need an attorney for a DUI in such a case. This is why it is critical to read and comprehend the information explained in this piece.

What Can A Car Crash Attorney Do?

Surviving an accident brings you joy and everyone who cares about you: it is unfortunate for those who perish. However, you still have to deal with the authorities after an incident. A car crash can cost you so much, especially if you cause an accident. That is why governments, organizations, and other players resist driving under the influence with so much force. The number of car crash attorneys has skyrocketed over the last few years, considering that the number of such incidences has gone up, too. Therefore, if you find yourself in a car crash, the best option is to find a car crash attorney. It would be wise to understand the roles played by such a defense lawyer.

A car accident attorney has to conduct a detailed investigation into what caused the accident. That includes gathering all the relevant information, including getting proof of all damages, compiling and confirming a police report, interviewing the witnesses, and taking pictures of the incident. This is even the main reason you need an attorney for a DUI. Investigating the case on your own may be a recipe for quarrels and misunderstandings with any other involved individuals. This is the individual who can help you get the best compensation if you are sure that you are not the at-fault driver.

If You Are At Fault

Some accidents happen because other motorists cause them. Nonetheless, you are also not immune to causing one. If you are under the influence of any substance, you should understand that you need an attorney for a DUI. You can be at fault in an accident for different reasons. One, you may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In such a case, you have to face the law and all the consequences of such an action. If you are not drunk or have used any drugs, you can be at fault because your vehicle is not in good condition. This is why, as a motorist, you are always advised to ensure that your car is in its best condition by taking it to an auto repair shop.

Regular vehicle maintenance is an activity that no one should keep reminding you of. The brakes, specifically, can mess with you while on the road. Brake failure has been ranked as one of the significant causes of road accidents. It is recommendable to test your breaks before you leave home. In such a case, you will be better positioned to know when there is an issue. Fortunately, several mechanics offer professional auto brake repairs. Besides knowing you need an attorney for a DUI, you should understand that being at fault may cost you a significant amount on your insurance.

How Your Insurance Can Be Affected

You have understood what may cause you to be the motorist at fault in an accident. However, you also need to know its effects on your insurance. You would be happy to learn that your premium would not go up if the accident was not your fault. That is because the at-fault insurer will cater to all the medical needs and car repairs you may have to undertake. That is why you need an attorney for a DUI. Such an expert will help you ensure that you get fully paid for damages. On the other hand, if the accident is your fault, your insurer will have to pay for the damages, meaning that your premium will go up.

If you are at fault, you can typically expect your insurance charges to increase by about 50%. According to research, such an amount can even total about $2500 over three years, considering that the incident will remain in your records for three to five years. That amount goes directly to your insurance payments. You cannot afford to be careless on the road with such expenses. Some of the people responsible for road carnage did not take their driving education seriously. If you fall under that category, you need to consider retaking your DMV driving classes. However, if your driving is okay, you should not drive under the influence of any substance because you need an attorney for a DUI.

Damage Sustained During the Crash

There is an array of several things that could go wrong in an accident. In most cases, the damage to your car, other people’s vehicles, and property is the most apparent of these things. That comes from the impact of colliding with other vehicles or any other object on and off the road. Such damage can cost you a whole lot of money to repair. The good thing is that if the incident was not your fault, the driver at fault’s insurer will take care of all the expenses to repair your car. If the accident happened due to your mistake, you would have to cater for the expenses of repairing your vehicle and any other property that was destroyed.

The best idea would be to call professionals to come with a tow hitch and tow your vehicle away from such a happening. If the machine is in bad condition, you can list it among the salvage cars for sale. That may help you recover some of the expenses. Besides the damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle, it is possible to get body injuries in an accident. Some people walk away without a scratch, but that mostly happens in less severe accidents. At its worst, an accident can lead to the death of one or several people. So many souls have been lost in road carnage. That is why if you are intoxicated and get into an accident, you better know that you need an attorney for a DUI to help you go through the case in the right way.

Paying for the Injured Parties

As mentioned above, people getting injured is one of the occurrences common in road accidents. It could be you getting injuries or any other party involved in the incident. One sure thing is that the affected must be compensated and their medical bills are taken care of. When someone else causes an accident, their insurance provider should handle all expenses, including your medical bills, in case you were injured in the process. On the contrary, if the evidence collected shows that you caused the accident, it may be by being drunk, wrong overtaking, or vehicle malfunction, your insurer will be the one to pay for any injuries and damages caused. If the money asked for is not enough, you should consider putting some of your assets on the market. You may even have to sell gold, if you have any, to cover the expenses.

Following such a process can be tricky, considering that once the victims report to the authorities, you will definitely get fined, and you can even serve a particular sentence, depending on the extent of your crime. For this reason, if you caused an accident while drunk or under the influence of drugs, you need an attorney for a DUI. Such an expert is even better-positioned to bargain on your behalf so that the injured individuals may not charge you a high amount. Additionally, your lawyer will be there throughout to guide you on what to do.

What You Might Be Sued For

One of the nasty incidences you can find yourself in is being blamed for causing an accident that led to property damage, injuries, or even loss of life. That is why unsafe driving is a grave mistake that can cost you a lot. The number of intoxicated drivers and road users has significantly gone up. If you take any illegal substances, the best thing would be to sleep them off before getting behind the wheel. There are so many lives at stake when you drive while drunk or under the influence of drugs. You need an attorney for a DUI to help you with your case.

All you have to do if you are the one wrong is to ensure you have compensated the victims. However, there might come a time when the losses go beyond what your insurer can afford. If you do not have extra money to cater for the losses, the victims can sue you. Being sued after an accident can happen for different reasons. First, you should understand that you might cause a minor accident and cover the little medical and repair expenses, but the victim’s condition worsens with time. That means the bills will add up. That is why it is recommendable to have a deep check-up after an accident, considering that some injuries do not become apparent until days or weeks after the incident. For instance, if problems develop with the victim’s backbone, you will be the one to cater for their chiropractic service treatment.

Secondly, the victims can sue you for failed negotiations. This happens when you cannot get the entire amount to compensate the affected individuals, such as covering car window tinting expenses. Finally, you can get sued for personal injury. The victims have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against you if they suffered bodily injuries during the accident. That is why you need an attorney for a DUI to ensure that you go through the case in the right way.

Higher Chances Of Case Dismissal

When you work with such an expert, you increase the chances of having your case dismissed. When you need an attorney for a DUI, the best idea is to look because there are many out there, and they can help you.

If your license is suspended after causing an accident, the only person who can help you get it back is a lawyer. Driving around without a license is against the law. That is why you need an attorney for a DUI to ensure that you do not land in trouble.

A Reduced Sentence

The authorities take cases of careless driving or driving under the influence severely, considering that you are risking many lives. Nonetheless, even if your lawyer does not convince the judge to dismiss your case, they can help you get a more manageable sentence.


Dealing with the victims of the accident you caused can make them have resentment towards you. That means they might not want to bargain for compensation with you. Nonetheless, they may reduce the terms if they deal with a professional attorney.

Experience And Expertise

A DUI lawyer deals with cases relating to driving under the influence. They have been in that specialization for a while, meaning they have the knowledge, experience, expertise, and tactics to represent you in court.

The years that an experienced DUI lawyer has spent on the job have helped him create networks and relationships. You may be surprised to learn that the attorney you hire to represent you has some connections with the officer who brought you in, the magistrate who tries you, and even the judge who decides what happens to you.

Alcohol and drugs have been there for ages, but they have become more of a threat to human life today. This is particularly on the roads where the number of drunk drivers is astonishing. The problem with driving under the influence is that not only are you putting your life and loved ones at risk, but also other motorists and road users.

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