What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Cases

The world of lawsuits can be a complicated matter. You may think that slip and fall cases are straightforward. However, there are many things to be considered. This is why it is so crucial that you find an excellent slip & falls law firm to represent your case. In this video, you will learn about slip and fall cases along with their value.

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Slip and Fall cases are also formally known as Premises Liability cases. Generally, this involves people slipping on wet surfaces. However, Premises Liability cases cover any scenario when an injury results from an unsafe environment. For example, this would include ceiling collapses and lead paint. The value received will vary from state to state. However, in the video, it is identified that most cases fall between $5,000 and $50,000. The value received depends on three factors. The biggest factor is the severity of the injury. The next factor is the extent of the property owner’s negligence. The plaintiff must prove negligence to earn a settlement. The third factor is the venue of the injury case.


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