Differences Between Private Sector vs Public Sector

Businesses are distinguished as either public or private. Evaluating the stock market is the best way to establish whether an enterprise is public or private. What are the differences between public and private organizations? You can trade the shares of public companies on the stock market but cannot do so with private companies. A private sector enterprise is a part of the national economy.

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Operations and functions are run by individuals or private groups. Public sector companies are partly or completely owned by the government. This video outlines the differences between public and private sector entities.

Another thing you should note is that public sector companies are financed by the government. The government runs part or all of the operations and owns more than 51% of the share capital. Private entities follow government laws, but ownership is by private individuals. These companies contribute tremendously to the job market and focus on quality service delivery. Example of such institutions includes private colleges, schools, and telecommunication services. Public companies include postal services, transport networks, and national security. The primary focus for private institutions is profit maximization. The public sector focuses mainly on providing essential services to the general population.

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